Hola! Have you read my other posts about Liverpool? Check them out too!  Day One Day Three On to day two..           As you can t...

Liverpool Day 2 - Maritime and International Slavery Museum


Have you read my other posts about Liverpool? Check them out too! 

On to day two..

          As you can tell by the title, we visited the Maritime and International Slavery Museums. The original plan was to have a wonder around the Albert Docks and visit the International Slavery Museum but after walking around in circles a couple of times we eventually figured out that the museum was, in fact, inside another museum. The maritime museum wasn't really my sort of thing but we decided to venture around the whole thing anyway. Why not eh? It is free!

Here is a picture of me stood outside the museum! (Outfit: top from Primark £6, black skinny jeans from Peacocks £14, boots from Deichmann £19.99)

          Since this day did actually consist of the museums and then a walk around the Albert Docks, I am just going to start by showing you some pictures of the museums and talk a little about that.


          It wasn't a particularly great day for the weather as you can see from the photos. It was raining, windy and overall pretty glum, but of course a museum is probably perfect for a day like that as it is all indoors. These two especially as there is so much to look at. I think it was 4 floors, not including the basement. 

          Ships aren't my thing. History is, but for some reason ships and anything at sea has never interested me at all. However that doesn't stop me from admiring the model ships in their gas cases. Some of them were almost breath taking. Well, at least as breath taking as model ships can be. I definitely admire whoever made them purely because of the detail. 

          What I love the most about the museums in Liverpool is that they are very interactive. If you don't fancy reading all the information that is given on the large boards then there are many phone style headsets you can pick up to listen to an account by someone who was at the scene of something. They will describe it to you enough that you don't have to read anything.Unfortunately, the headsets don't always work as I found a few times. You press the button and yet nothing will begin to speak into your ears.

        This particular section shown above in the photos was highly interactive. As soon as you walk into it there is a film being shown of the 'Battle of the Atlantic'. There seems to be a lot less words and a lot more things to listen to or watch. There was also quite a few more artifacts to look at with brief descriptions as o not bore you so much.

          Luckily for me there was a whole exhibition about the Titanic. I have been to a Titanic exhibition before so I didn't stop to read everything but I definitely found it to be interesting. It was a lot different to the one I had been to. At the very start there was a collection of leaflet you were able to pick up. Each one had the name of a passenger and a little information. The idea is that as you go around the exhibition, you learn more about them. You may find their journal or tickets or just generally find out who they were. Of course there were lots of different ways to learn. Including trying on their clothes!

          Moving on to the International Slavery Museum. It wasn't as big as I had thought and honestly, it was a bit on a let down. I was expecting an entire different museum, as that is how it is described, but instead I got one floor. It did show a range of different types of slavery but I think I managed to learn more from the little research I did online for a drama production myself and 5 others created for our A level drama devised piece.

          African slavery and the slave trade has always been of great interest to me and I have done a lot of research into it over the years. I remember doing a project on it in year 8. I created leaflets, banners, flyers, and a CD all in aid of helping stop slavery. It had to be about the slave trade. In the drama production we created I played the African slave. Your probably thinking that I'm not exactly suited to that role, I am way too pale! It was only a drama production so why should skin colour matter. It shouldn't matter in normal life so why in a play? Anyway, that's getting a bit deep. Enough of that. So yes, I find it interesting but in the museum I didn't feel like I was actually interested in any of it as there wasn't enough. Maybe it was also because it was very dark in there so it was difficult to read things anyway.

           Overall, these museums weren't as good as the World Museum that I mentioned in my last post. There was an overwhelming amount of information about ships then barely anything about slavery. Plus it felt like there was no link between them and the International Slavery museum was just this random floor in the middle of more ships. Someone else might enjoy it but it wasn't for me I guess. I did like the small wall full of the public's notes about slavery and race, their opinions and views etc. It was quite emotional. I tried to get a picture of it but again the lighting was terrible in there; I could only just read them when I was closeup, and I'm short-sighted.

          Thank you for reading! That is it for now. I will continue with the Liverpool posts but for now this is it. I plan on posting more regularly and on certain days. I have bought myself a personal planner cover and I am going to create my own. I need to get more organised! The idea now is that I will post about different topics at least three times a week, so be sure to look out for them! Follow me on Bloglovin' (I have recently got it and I am obsessed!) or like my Facebook page to find out when I do post.

If you haven't already, check out my video on YouTube about our short trip to Liverpool here. Also, here is the first part of the trip in blog form.

Thanks for reading (again)! I shall be back soon!
- KC xx

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