Hola! Have you read my other posts about Liverpool? Check them out too! Day One Day Two           It's about time you read abo...

Liverpool Day 3 - Museum of Liverpool


Have you read my other posts about Liverpool? Check them out too!

          It's about time you read about the third and final day of our trip to Liverpool! I shall be posting a fourth and final post giving an overall opinion of our trip and accommodation etc. For now here is the third post about our third day at the Museum of Liverpool.

          Our main worry was figuring out what time we had to get the train in order to get back home so not much was planned for our third day. After our little wanders from the previous days we decided that the best option would be to check out the Museum of Liverpool. It was a last minute decision but definitely one I'm glad we made.
          Yes, the Museum of Liverpool is back at the Albert Docks. If you're thinking about going to Liverpool, I would recommend getting some accommodation near there because you'll be in the center of almost everything. Then again, we stayed at the Liverpool One Premier Inn and we only ever had to walk for a maximum on ten minutes.

          The museum was big. Very big. What is it about Liverpool museums and having to make them so big? We started in the 'Global City' where I got dressed up in some oriental robes and managed to draw a very fancy peacock (watch the youtube video to find out what I mean).

          More impressively, the first floor had its own train! So to speak anyway. On the first floor is the Liverpool Overhead Railway which I had fun taking pictures in. It was honestly quite spectacular and pretty cool to be able to walk in to. The model people sat in the back half did give me the creeps a little though as it brought back memories of Mannequin Mania in Doctor Who. I also got to sit on some other old fashioned style train seats. They were actually very comfortable and my favourite colour too! 

          The third floor was fun. That's probably the best way of describing it. It was full of Liverpool culture: music, football, and most importantly, the superlambbanana! The entire place was full of bright colours, pop quizzes, karaoke machines and it was all topped off by a wonderful view over the docks. It was definitely a beautiful picture, especially since the weather wasn't too bad!

          Overall, I actually did think that this was the second best museum we went to on our trip, second to the World Museum. I loved how vibrant and generally enjoyable it was. There were so many little random things to do from sketches, games, quizzes and a complete step back in time! It is a whole new museum experience on each floor, something I strongly believe Liverpool do brilliantly. I have never been to museums that are so varied in my life! 

        That's the third post done, I mostly definitely enjoyed my time in Liverpool! Keep looking out for the next and final post! If you haven't seen the Liverpool video I did then please do check it out (click here!).

Thank you for reading!
- KC xx

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