Welcome!           A lot of bloggers are starting to write posts about Autumn so I thought it would be a good idea for me to do the same...

Things I love about Autumn


          A lot of bloggers are starting to write posts about Autumn so I thought it would be a good idea for me to do the same since I am actually really excited for it. Here's why:

What I love about Autumn!

Jumper from Select, it was £10.99 I think! Necklace was bought for me buy my boyfriend, Ed.

Long sleeve thin jumpers or tops - It might not be cold enough for the woolly jumpers, although I'm currently sat wearing one right now as I couldn't resist, but it is definitely too cold to simply wear a single t-shirt. I love to wear thin jumpers where you can either wear them on their own or perhaps with a small cami on underneath. Also, when wearing long sleeves, there's no need to be self-conscious about how my arms look so I can freely eat that extra piece of cake without worrying (I probably shouldn't but I do it anyway). I find long sleeves to be so comfy too.

Happy to be wearing my new turtle neck from Select! It was £9.99!

Turtle Necks - I absolutely love a good comfy turtle neck! Whether it's a top to go out at night in or a jumper for during the day, I find them to be so stylish yet simple. There's no need for flamboyant necklaces as your neck is covered up so that's one less thing to worry about. A good turtle neck will make you look elegant, sophisticated and generally a lot more grown up than a crew neck. I aiming on growing my collection of turtle necks this autumn/winter. 

Time to start getting your scarves out! I bought these three last year and now they are hung up by my bed so I can use them as blankets if I want to! Hung up on my new Elephant hooks that my parents bought me from Home Sense!

Autumnal Colours - If you know me in person or maybe if I did more fashion posts, you'd know how my favourite colour of clothing to wear is a burgundy or maroon. I will wear it all year round if I can! I especially love that when it comes to Autumn, the shops begin to sell it by the bucket load. By the time I've been shopping, my purse hurts. My parents and my boyfriend always say "Oh look, its the same colour of all your other clothes!" Yeah, well, I like it and I have blonde hair so it suits me! My boyfriend can't say much because he is the same. You wouldn't believe the amount of times we've gone out and someone has asked if we planned on colour coordinating. No, we didn't.

It's not quite autumn yet but we had these red leaves in our front garden!

Falling Leaves - There is something incredibly pretty about all the multicoloured leaves that have fallen off the trees. Browns, yellows, reds. It immediately makes me want to grab a scarf and some boots and go skipping through them all. Is that weird? It becomes a perfect picture. Plus, I do enjoy standing on as many leaves as I can to hear that satisfying crunch. I know I'm not the only one who does that!

My current read is Red Queen (if you've watched my youtube video then you'll know I've been reading this for a while) and I intend on reading a lot more as recently I haven't been reading much. Next read is Twenty Things by Bethany Jane Speight.

Autumn DIYs - In past years I have always been too busy with school or college but this year I have so many autumn DIYs I want to do. I have always loved crafts so it's about time I start doing some! Pinterest has really opened my eyes to how much you can do and I will be posting the things I do so you can try them yourself. I love how easy it is to change up your home, or maybe just your bedroom, to create a cosy atmosphere. You can buy decorations but it is much more awarding to make your own. Fallen leaves, acorns, conkers, pine cones etc. So many things you can shove in a bag when you go on a little walk and bring home to make all sorts of autumnal decorations to cosy up your home.

          Let me know what your favourite things about autumn are! I could probably carry on which makes me realise, autumn is probably my favourite season. As long as it doesn't rain, I shall be spending a lot of time outside collecting things for my decorations and then I will make a bunch of decorations and drink a hot chocolate with 'the works' on top! I cannot wait!

Thanks for reading!
See you later!
- KC xx

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