Good evening!           Today I would like to bring you a little contest for all you budding artists out there. I am hosting a drawing ...


Good evening!

          Today I would like to bring you a little contest for all you budding artists out there. I am hosting a drawing contest! But not just any drawing contest... a HALLOWEEN DRAWING CONTEST! Once again, just like my giveaway, it is in aid of Stand up to Cancer UK!

          I am currently doing all that I can in order to raise enough money to at least reach my goal (£200). Stand up to Cancer UK runs in association with Cancer Research UK and we all know how much cancer can affect us all. I reckon everyone knows at least one person who has suffered from some sort of cancer. I sure do. You here the horrible 'C' word come out in daily conversation these days and that's something I'm sure most of us want to stop. Therefore I am doing some fundraising to help fund the research that happens to try and stop cancer once and for all. Look how far we've come already... A mere few years ago if you found out you had it, you knew you were dying. These days we have a lot more treatments to help prevent it and stop our close family and friends from passing away unnecessarily. But we are not fully there yet so we need to keep on raising these funds in hopes of a much brighter future!

How to enter:

1. Draw a picture of something that scares you.

2. Donate some money to my justgiving page (every little helps, anything from as little as 10p).

3. Leave your name and a form of contact (this must be on the drawing and donation so I can match them up. Form of contact can be anything from twitter to email address).

4. Submit your drawing to me by tweeting me (@KiraLCurtis), leaving it on my Facebook page, or tagging me on Instagram (@KiraLCurtis).

5. I will choose a winner based on the three areas above (scariest, most unusual and best drawn). There could be up to 3 winners. I will get in contact with the winner and based on their age, with offer them a choice of 3 prizes! I shall also ask for the winner to send me either the original or a copy of their drawing to put up in the window of my local Cancer Research UK shop.

Use the hashtag #WITCHWILLWIN to make sure I can see all your amazing drawings!
Remember, you don't have to be good at drawing to win!

All ages are welcome to enter so get yourself and your kids involved! Please do share this with all your friends and family to get everyone involved! 

You can print out the poster here!

 I hope that you all get involved! Have fun drawing and GOOD LUCK! 
- KC xx

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