Hiya,           I'm a massive book lover so when my friend released her new book I snapped it up straight away. I was already reading ...

My Thoughts On - Twenty Things by Bethany Jane Speight


          I'm a massive book lover so when my friend released her new book I snapped it up straight away. I was already reading a book at the time so I waited to finish that before I started Twenty Things by Bethany Jane Speight. Of course, the author is my friend so I'm going to do everything that I can to support her! I've bought both her books in kindle form and I have one in paperback and will be getting the other very soon! Don't let that make you think that this review is bias though.

Twenty Things by Bethany Jane Speight


"Nate and Malia they've been friends since they can remember. Inseparable.That is until she pushes him away. 

After her father's funeral, she receives a letter written by her dad previously. 

With everything in her power she tries to make amends with Nate, but there are complications. 

Nate's girlfriend 

Malia's new boyfriend 

and the list."

          Firstly I want to say that when I begun reading this book it was late at night so I didn't have the best frame of mind. I enjoyed Beth's previous book and I'm still incredibly proud of her but the fault with it was mainly the spelling and grammar mistakes. You can read my review of that here. The first chapter of Twenty Things wasn't much better grammatically unfortunately and with the frame of mind that I was in, I struggled as my brain tried to figure out the correct way the sentences should've been. It was clear that Beth had spent more time on the editing this time round as there were very few, if any, spelling mistakes. Although there was a lot of 'Daddy, daddy, daddy' during the first two or three chapters.

         On a positive note, once I got past that I almost shed a tear at quite a few parts. The plot was much better than the first book (just to clarify, the two books are completely separate from each other) and that's saying something because I really enjoyed the first book. The story moved along at a nice pace keeping me loving the character of Nate but also hating him at the same time. I don't want to ruin it for you but I was actually really happy for Malia and Mikey, I loved their relationship. But then there's a huge plot twist which I won't talk more about.

          Overall, I did actually thoroughly enjoy this novel and I would definitely recommend to all book lovers out there. With 118 pages, it's a great short read, perfect for travelling or a late night. I choose the late night option. According to my Kindle app, it only takes 2 hours and 26 minutes to read so that's not long at all. Plus, it's 99p! You can also buy the paperback version which is £4.54 so it isn't that much really.

          If you're looking for a short lighthearted romance novel, I always think they are perfect for in between those heavy duty books,Twenty Things is perfect! Have a good laugh, cry, and overall a great big "awwwww"! That's pretty much exactly what I did, constantly. I completely forgot it was written by my own friend as I was reading it which I was glad about because I was able to really connect with the characters hope for the best for them! Ultimately, I loved it! I suggest that you go read and love it too!

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