Hello! A short while ago I was really stuck with what to have for lunch. There wasn't much in the fridge and I didn't really have ...

The Perfect Prawn Cocktail


A short while ago I was really stuck with what to have for lunch. There wasn't much in the fridge and I didn't really have the time to defrost anything out of the freezer. The most I could make was a salad but how boring! I found some prawns and on the spot decided to make a prawn cocktail type thing for lunch. Here's how I made it:

(There isn't and exact amount that you will need, just put in as much as you want! You can also add in any other ingredients you have or maybe you just really like to have carrots in there, for example.)

  • King Prawns (cooked and peeled) - can be frozen!
  • Iceberg Lettuce
  • Cheese (I used Red Leicester)
  • Pepper (Any colour, I used a red pepper)
  • Cucumber
  • Mayonnaise (I recommend Hellmanns)
  • Tomato Sauce (I recommend Heinz)


       Firstly, if using frozen prawns, rinse the prawns in a colander under a warm tap and gradually increase the heat as the prawns begin to defrost. Make sure they are no longer frozen and make sure they all get covered in the water. Once they are feeling warm and not frozen any more, leave them to drain off whilst you cut up all the vegetables.

       Now on to the chopping up of your veg (and fruit). It's up to you how much you chop up because it all depends on how many people you wish to serve and how much you want to eat. That's why I love this recipe; it is completely up to you and there is no right and wrong!

       The best prawn cocktails always have a delicious seafood sauce and what a lot of people don't know is that it is so much easier to make than buying it ready made. All you need is some mayonnaise and tomato sauce! I usually put a table spoon of mayonnaise into a small bowl and then add roughly the same amount of tomato sauce and then mix the two up. Most times I will add an extra bit of tomato sauce because that's how I prefer is but it's up to you. Make it how you like it, you may want to add more mayonnaise instead. In the end it should be a pink sauce that fits perfectly with any type of seafood as it becomes 'Seafood Sauce'.

(ignore the terribly chipped nail varnish)

       Before putting it all together, I prefer to cook my prawns a little bit more than what they are. You'll need a frying pan and some vegetable oil. Heat up the oil first until it's bubbling and then add the prawns. Fry the prawns until they are slightly more pink, usually it will take around 1 minute. Drain off the prawns and put them into a bowl or prawn cocktail glass.

       I used a small oval shaped dish (I don't know if there is a proper name for it). Once the prawns have been laid on the bottom, begin adding you salad in any order you like. Then finally drizzle on as much sauce as you wish and ta da! A prawn cocktail! Perfect for lunch or maybe starters or a light dinner!

          I love how much you can change this recipe so that is it perfect for everyone! And, of course, how simple it is! It is really easy to make and very healthy too! You can use the smaller prawns but personally I prefer king prawns as they have a lot more texture to them! 

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Thank you for reading! Hope your prawn cocktails are just as delicious as mine was!
See you later!
-KC xx

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