Hi all! I have spent the past month trying out some InstaNatural products that I was sent to review and so today I shall be giving my r...

InstaNatural Products Review

Hi all!

I have spent the past month trying out some InstaNatural products that I was sent to review and so today I shall be giving my review. (Disclaimer: I was spent these products for free but all the opinions are completely mine!)

Firstly I was sent the InstaNatural Retinol Moisturizer. Many of you will know that I'm not very good with make-up and just generally anything that involves taking care of the face and body. Having the opportunity to try out these products for free and give myself a starting point in taking care of my face was great!

My first impressions of the packaging of the moisturiser were not the best, purely because it looks more like something you'd buy over the counter at a pharmacy, but when I first used the moisturiser I actually did love it! I applied it to my face before beginning with foundation. I thought it worked brilliantly! You don't need to use a lot making it last longer and it worked great as a primer. My foundation was able to blend much more easily as it smoothed out my skin.

Although it is mainly for your face, I did give it a go on my horribly rough hands. I wouldn't have had to do this if I had some proper hand cream. Despite it's price, I was disappointed in it's lack of ability to make my hands feel the slightest bit better. Well, they managed to for a maximum of 10 seconds then I felt like I need to put some more on. I have since then bought myself some Nivea instead, that works miracles! 

My second item that I received was the InstaNatural Retinol Serum. I haven't used this as much as the moisturiser, plain and simply because it isn't something I would usually use. However, I used it after drying my face after a shower and have continued to use it ever since. You only have to use a couple of drops on the tips of your fingers then rub it into your face. I did not expect such a little amount of this liquid to go so far. It spreads so quickly and easily and leave your face feeling refreshed. The bright orange colour and the citrus smell reminds me instantly of Fanta but instead of leaving you feel bloated, you feel wide awake and ready to go. I love that you can use this item as part of your nightly routine or as part of you morning routine. It is ok to be used under make up. It leaves your skin feeling soft too! I honestly thought that at some points, it was a better moisturiser than the actual moisturiser. Not to mention, it also leaves you face smelling fresh, like citrus and down right wonderful! I love that smell!

Finally, I did actually like both of the products but they might not be something I would buy again. I am going to try to get myself to start using the Serum more, however, as I might as well not waist the bottle of it, considering the price, and you never know, I may see a physical change if I begin to use it on a regular basis. The moisturiser works as a good primer and I am still using it for that purpose and the bottle is slowly running out. I don't know much about retinol but from what I've heard it is anti-ageing and right at this moment in time, it's probably not for me as I'm only 18 but I would recommend the products to people of an older age.

Let me know what you thought of the product if you have bought any! Also, do you have any suggestions of moisturisers that will work on my incredibly dry hands?

Thank you for reading!
- KC xx

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