Hola!  - That definitely seems appropriate for this post! Guess who's been looking at holidays again? Surprise, surprise, it's me!...

Mini Guide to Short Breaks Away on a Low Budget

Hola!  - That definitely seems appropriate for this post!

Guess who's been looking at holidays again? Surprise, surprise, it's me! I feel like I'm always looking at holidays, which is exactly why I need a job at a travel agents, at least that way I would get paid for doing it. If you've read most of my posts from this year then you'll already know that I'm planning on going to Mexico, but my friends and I would like to go on a short girls holiday! Since I've been looking into it a lot recently I'm going to give you the low-down (is that suppose to be hyphenated or is it actually two words?) on what to look for if you're planning on going on a short break away!


Step 1 - Be Open-minded!

You'd be surprised what you can pay for a few nights away but if you look carefully and in the right places you can get some great deals but you must realise that you probably won't be able to afford a five night stay in Australia simply because of the price of the flights alone. Choosing somewhere like the Balearics, for example, is a great place to start but you must be flexible about the type of hotel you stay in. Whether it's all inclusive or not, don't expect it to be amazing when you've paid so little.

Step 2 - Look Around!

The first site you land on might not be the best place to look at and sometimes you're better off buying a package holiday instead of separate flights to the hotel. If you look at Thomson, then check First Choice as well. If you look at Thomas Cook, look at Direct Holidays as well. They are the same company but different websites, every now and again they may have cheaper deals on one or the other. For holiday suppliers like those, make sure you go and speak to a rep in one of their shops as they might be able to throw something in for you! I'd recommend checking other sites like Teletext Holidays for much cheaper deals but be careful because transfers and luggage won't be a part of the cost but all you have to do is ring up and find out more.

Step 3 - Find Accommodation/Hotel!

It's up to you what board you choose. You can get accommodation and flights unbelievably cheap if you go for room only but remember you'll have to go out all the time to get food and you'll have to pay for it. If you get self-catering then you will still have to buy and cook he food. Work out how big your budget is first because sometimes you won't realise how much money you'll spend on food and drink. In a hot country you'll need to keep hydrated! I prefer to go all inclusive because at least then I know that if I somehow happen to run out of money, I can still get all my food and drink for the rest of the trip! Don't worry yourself about the cost of an all inclusive because if you look in the right places you'll pay for the holiday in one weeks wage!

Step 4 - Check TripAdvisor!

TripAdvisor is the best place to find out what the hotel you've choose is like. Look at the guest photos, read reviews and find out what is in the surrounding area. Don't always listen to the bad reviews though because some people are just pathetic. If you're going to Europe, expect the pool to be cold. If it isn't when you get there then that's a bonus! Look at as many pictures as possible because it gets you more and more excited to go! Your best bet is to make sure that it is given at least 3 stars on TripAdivsor and check that the food isn't constantly making people ill!

Step 5 - What is there to see?

Unless you want to just laze around in the sun, short breaks are the best to sight-see and go exploring! Find where the hotel is and what it is near to and begin writing a list of everything there is to see and do. You want to make the most of you holiday but remember to try check prices.

Step 6 - Plan your days!

You might not have booked it yet but you should know roughly when you'll be going and for how long. You can spend the first and last day on the beach or lazing around as you will be flying but in the middle you'll need to cram as much in as possible to see all that you can. Remember you aren't there for long so workout what you can and can't do, and what you can and can't afford. Don't just stick to one thing per day as you have the morning, afternoon, evening and night time! Check what's at your hotel because you might want to stay there for one night to watch some nightly entertainment or maybe you just want to go out to all the bars. You choose but do as much as you can! Also workout how much spending money to take with you and save up!


You've pretty much done everything so now you know what you're doing you've got to book it and finalise everything! This is the time when you can fully begin getting excited. Get it paid and then you have that weight taken off your shoulders! Get your time booked off at work and now the real planning starts!

Step 8 - What to wear?!

Of course you're going to need some new holiday clothes so go splash out a little and get yourself a new pair of sandals and a nice bright bikini! Think about all the activities you be doing and what you might need to wear - sandals aren't always the best when you're walking around all day! Find out what your luggage restrictions are and remember you're only going for a couple of nights but make sure you've got something for every activity. Oh, and don't forget to take that gorgeous party dress that you've never worn because you never had a reason to. Make this holiday your reason to!

Step 9 - Transfers!

You need to get to the airport somehow. Work out train times or the cost of a taxi, or perhaps you can beg your parents. However you get there, make sure you are there with plenty of time to get through security and for you to wander around Duty Free! You'll also need to find out if you'll have transfers from the airport to your hotel when you get there. If you do then that's great! If not then try book a taxi or simply make sure you know you will need to get a bus, get in a taxi or maybe even walk to your hotel if it isn't that far away.


Everything has been sorted and it's time to leave for the airport! I hope you have a wonderful time!

Let me know if you're planning a short break away and where to!

Happy Travels!
- KC

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