HAPPY NEW YEAR!            Over the past month or so I have really been struggling to get on top of my life. In December I was also workin...

New Year's Resolution 2016


           Over the past month or so I have really been struggling to get on top of my life. In December I was also working every Sunday up to Christmas in an attempt to earn and save up some money. That I have done, but it meant I had little time to spend with my friends and family and no time at all to do any of the things I've been wanting to do, unfortunately causing my blogging and YouTubing to come to a halt at the worst time possible. Now that the festive season has passed and we are in to the new year, it seems logical to jot down some New Year Resolutions!


Get fit and healthy -  I know, I know, it's the typical 'girly' resolution of the world. I only say it because I've been trying to keep myself fit for a long time now since I haven't been able to do any kind of proper dancing in at least a year. I was getting somewhere last spring and summer. Over Christmas I made a promise to myself to that I would eat all that I pleased and would make up for it in the New Year. Now it the time to burn of those extra calories from the Oreo Cheesecake I made for Christmas day. I also wanted to take part in an event like Tough Mudder before the end of my gap year too so let's begin the training for that!

Do the things that I want to do - I have been trying to write a book and have been wanting to write another script since finishing college. I never have the time or energy to do it so I think it is about time I make the time! As it should, doing the things I want to do makes my feel better. Reading and writing has always been a passion so I intend to do as much as possible.

See more of the world -  I love to travel and learn about different cultures and in the past year I was lucky enough to go to Mexico for the third time but with my boyfriend this time. Together we also visited Liverpool and it's museums. I would like to be able to visit more places and ultimately take pictures, videos and learn. I have already been looking at prices and dates for when myself and Edmond can go back to Mexico!

Build up my bank account -  Between my 18th Birthday (April) and November, literally no money entered my bank account. Instead I was constantly transferring it out of one account into the other to attempt to fill it up. By early December I was left with £5 and maybe the odd 10p and 20p in my polar bear money box. Since then I have been trying to put as much money back into my account to save up. I need money for Mexico!!! And probably for uni if I manage to get in...

Get on top of my life! - I need to get myself organised. A surprising amount of people think I am actually a very organised person but in my own mind I have no idea what I am doing. I have a mini handbag diary now that I shall be using more to keep on top of dates and over the next week I need to sort out my planner. Jotting things down all in one place usually helps keep my life together. I need to make sure I making time for the writing, reading, crafting, training, and QI repeats. Of course, I have to work too but I think I'm going to start looking for a little more something that gives me experience in something else other than cards and gifts. I'm thinking Thomsons would be a great place to start, and perhaps get a discount on the Mexico holiday (only kidding, I would genuinely love to work at Thomsons, the discount would just be an added bonus)!

Those are just five rather broad topics that show my resolutions of the new year. Wish me luck because I'm very bad at keeping to them!

Hope 2016 is your year!
- KC xx

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