Hey! Last week was a bit hectic for me, I'll get to that some other time. Really, I've just been feeling a bit down because of a c...

10 Ways To Distract Yourself


Last week was a bit hectic for me, I'll get to that some other time. Really, I've just been feeling a bit down because of a certain situation that I will explain in a post some day soon. Honestly, I've been feeling incredibly confused to say the least so I would explain now but I can't even explain it to myself yet. If any of you have ever felt like this before, please do let me know in the comments! I'm just trying to keep myself distracted so I don't have to think about it too much.

In an attempt to distract myself some more, here is a post about 10 ways to distract yourself from whatever you may need distracting from. Maybe you've been feeling a bit down or maybe you just don't want to do your homework/essays.


Here are 10 ways to distract yourself, particularly from distressing thoughts and just generally things you don't want to think about:

1. Read a book!

For some people this might seem like an obvious choice but reading really is a great form of escapism! Find a good fictional book to get lost in. I say fictional because then you can fall into a whole new world, however if you prefer reading non-fictional books then go ahead! If you can find a non-fiction book about something you find interesting read it back and forth. It's more about losing yourself in something you enjoy to take your mind off things. I must say, I love my fictional books but when I find something that really interests me, like Ancient Maya history for example, I love to read about it and do all my research!

2. Watch TV (or YouTube)

Again, another obvious one but seriously, finding a nice lighthearted movie or comedy show really does the job, at least for the hour or so that it's on. The best thing to do is find a TV series that you enjoy and if you're anything like me you'll be needing to catch up so get binge watching it! Alternatively, watch some YouTube videos (Check out my channel here!) that will make you smile. There are plenty of different videos for you to watch on YouTube so find the ones that you enjoy. Find the ones that make you laugh and smile, or perhaps watch in awe! I've been watching a lot of travel related videos recently, watching clips of astonishing places really takes my mind of things and makes me want to work more towards the things I want!

3. Get out of the house!

As much as I like to have time to myself, at times like this I start to realise it's the worst thing to do. Making actual plans that get me out of the house tends to freshen me up but also forces me to interact with people. Make plans with your friends. Going for a walk is a great thing to do, or simply a drive out. Doing that with a friend is even better! If I can't go out of the house then I tend to try my best to spend time with my parents so that I'm not alone with my thoughts for too long.

4. Work!

For some of us, it's something we have to do anyway and sometimes it's actually the route of all our problems but at least when you've actually managed to get yourself to get there, you can spend the day focusing on your work and before you know it, the day is finished. I feel quite hypocritical saying that but it is actually true. Sometimes, actually going to work helps your find stay focused on that.

5. Work Out!

Going to the gym for me has become a must. Working out has always been one of the best stress relievers for me and now that I've started to properly go to the gym I feel better. I feel better knowing that I'm keeping fit and working towards my goals and whilst I'm there I often forget about time because I'm too busy focusing on achieving my personal best and making the most out of my workout. When I first started going, I was there for maximum of an hour. Now I'm there for at least two hours because I do actually really enjoy it and whilst I'm there I completely forget about everything!

6. Get Creative!

There's an artistic side to all of us! So if you're feeling down, do some scrapbooking, paint a picture, do a simple sketch, design something on the computer, fill in a page of a colouring book, etc. The list is literally endless! Simply doodling can help you take you mind off something and if that something is really bothering you then let your paintings speak from your heart! Writing or drawing about your problems gets it out of your system and will help you move on. I'm not saying that it will last forever but it will definitely help!

7. Learn!

Most of us have something that we've always wanted to be able to do, like being able to play an instrument or speak a different language. Why don't you find that something and start learning! During high school and times at college, when I was stressed out, I would often revise harder than most people simply because it distracted me from things I didn't want to think about and it was the reason behind my high grades. It really works! Pick up that guitar and focus on it. Focusing will make you forget about everything else and as you learn you'll want to do more because you're finally doing that thing you've always wanted to do!

8. Music!

Whether it is actually playing the instrument or simply listening to you favourite band, we all know music is helpful at all points of our lives! Make sure you're listening to something that makes you happy and want to sing along rather than some kind of dark depressing song. Remember that you're listening to it to distract and forget, not fill your mind full of it!

9. Games!

I know there are people out their who still play on their Playstations or Nintendos at all ages, there's nothing wrong with that (as long as it's not getting in the way of anything else). Using games is a great way to distract yourself as it keeps your mind active. If you haven't got any kind of games console then I'm sure you can find something online or an app. I will often play Solitaire and try beat my own record - I know, I'm sad! I've also recently downloaded Piano Tiles which is great if you can use sound! Simple, easy-going games like Animal Crossing can help you connect to your childhood too!

10. Write!

I enjoy writing despite hating English lessons at school! When writing my blog I tend to zone out from the world! Any form of writing can stop you from feeling so down so try writing a story that will take you into a different world or write a song expressing your feelings. If you're expressing your feelings then of course you won't be distracted from them but at least you'll be turning them into something you enjoy and afterwards you'll feel much better!

Ultimately you just need to find something that you enjoy doing to keep your mind active and away from everything else. Sometimes it's difficult but once you try, you'll get there!

What do you do to distract yourself?

- KC xx

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