Hello! Going back to my Bucket List 2016 , I decided I wanted to become a blood donor and then donate blood. You may remember in the updat...

Save a Life, Give Blood!


Going back to my Bucket List 2016, I decided I wanted to become a blood donor and then donate blood. You may remember in the update (http://www.kiralcurtis.com/2016/01/bucket-list-update-already.html) that I had registered and booked my appointment, and Monday 21st March was the day I was going to be able to tick it off the list.

Firstly I want to explain a few things about giving blood and why it is so important.

save a life, give blood, donate blood now

Why you should give blood?

In the England and Wales alone, over 6000 donations are needed every day to help others in serious need, survive. Donated blood can be a lifeline in an emergency, and for those who need long term treatment, for many reasons. Despite the thousands of donors already registered, blood.co.uk still need hundreds of thousands of new donors each year due to the large number of people who find they can no longer give blood. It isn't just the general blood that's needed, often the platelets and plasma are needed for alternative reasons. Whether you are donating the blood or platelets, you can still save a life. There are many different blood types and whether your blood type is common or not, it is still very much needed.

 I truly believe that giving blood is a highly commendable thing to do and that everyone who can, should do it.

Who can give blood?

Most people can give blood so please do if you are:

- fit and healthy
- between the ages of 17 and 66
- over 70 and have given blood within the last two years

According to blood.co.uk, men can give blood every 3 months and women can donate every 4 months.

Of course, there are factors that could stop you but if you think you are healthy, not pregnant, and are willing, do book an appointment. All blood is tested before the main donation to check your blood type and that you are healthy.

donate blood infographic

My Experience of Donating Blood:

I didn't have one... When I registered to give blood, everything seemed to go alright and I was fine to book an appointment. Monday 21st March came around and I arrived at my appointment at the correct time to be told there was a 25 minute delay which I said was fine. I drank the pint of water I was asked to and played a game or two on my phone before being called to go through my questionnaire with a nurse. Around 15 minutes later I was then told that I wasn't tall enough/don't weigh enough to be able to give blood.

According to the nurse, for women in particular, there are risk factors to take into consideration because these days they take the same amount of blood out of everyone. Being the age that I am, 18, I currently have three risks to look at. These three risks being: my age (I'm not over 20), height and weight. I was turned away because I personally have all three risks which, after donating blood, could possibly make me seriously ill. When I can get rid of one of those risks, I can donate. Basically I can either put on a stone in weight, grow taller, or wait until I'm 20. Since I've been going to the gym, I hope I won't put any weight on, I doubt I'm going to grow, so I guess I'll have to wait. Looks like I have one thing to add to my 2017 bucket list then! (Wow, I'm 20 next year!)

Either way, I am still registered to be a blood donor, so when I can, I will. And you should too!

Register now at www.blood.co.uk!

Are you a blood donor yet?

See ya!
-KC xx

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