Hey there! When I typed that I said it in an American accent because I am extremely excited to write about the X Ambassadors concert I w...

X Ambassadors at Manchester Academy 3

Hey there!

When I typed that I said it in an American accent because I am extremely excited to write about the X Ambassadors concert I was bought tickets for at Christmas. Edmond, my sometimes wonderful boyfriend (I only say that because I know he reads my blog and it will annoy him, mwhaha) bought me the tickets as my Christmas present and we have both loved theirs songs from the beginning. He was the one who introduced them to me over a year ago now when he wouldn't stop playing 'Love Songs, Drug Songs' on YouTube. Eventually I gave in and got their music on my phone too. Their debut album, VHS, was released and it now plays on repeat in my car. When we found out they were touring and were going to do a concert in Manchester, we knew it was fate!

Kyko (in the middle) and band members.

The support group was a young guy named Kyko and his band members. I must be honest, with the exception of 5 Seconds of Summer when they were supporting One Direction, I don't usually enjoy the support acts very often. You pay to see the main act and more often than not, the supporting band just aren't as good. Kyko and his band, on the other hand, were really good and got the whole crowd going. I had never heard of them before and the only downfall was that I didn't know their songs so I couldn't sing along, but we all still managed to dance along. I shall definitely be checking out more of their music!

X Ambassadors on stage at the Manchester Academy 3. Lead singer, guitarist and saxophone player, Sam taking centre stage in the middle.
There isn't really that much more to say other than the fact that X Ambassador completely stole the show, sorry Kyko, as they were absolutely phenomenal. I haven't been to many concerts or gigs in my life but by far they topped everyone I've ever seen, including One Direction and Ellie Goulding. I couldn't get a single non-blurry photo because the band were so full of energy, I really don't know how they managed it! They were all extremely talented and their entire performance was simply astonishing! Lucky for us, we were on the front row making everything ten times better. I think you get the gist of how great we thought they were. Both Ed and I loved every minute of it and even now Ed keeps going on about how amazing it was to be able to get to see them live.

Sam's exceptionally talented brother, Casey on keys.
Considering, at the moment, X Ambassadors aren't that well-known, the place was packed out. In fact, the gig was actually sold out, and I am not surprised after that performance. They deserve to be in the top 40 more regularly! Most people will know their song 'Jungle' because of the remix with Jay-Z on the track, and nowadays Renegades is up there because of many American TV shows playing it in the background, not to mention all the adverts.Thank goodness the UK radio presenters are finally starting to realise how good they are! I expect they will be a lot more known and famous in coming months. They'll be as big as Imagine Dragons, one of X Ambassadors' labelmates.

Good luck to them! I hope they do well in the future!

What was the best concert or gig you have been to?

See ya!
- KC xx

Photo is the same as before except this one has been edited specially for instagram! (www.instagram.com/kiralcurtis)

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