Hello Everyone! Earlier this week, on Tuesday, it was International Women's Day, an ideal day for the ' This Girl Can ' campai...

Y: Women Can International Women's Day Cycling Event

Hello Everyone!

Earlier this week, on Tuesday, it was International Women's Day, an ideal day for the 'This Girl Can' campaign to be brought to everyone's attention. Jonas from my local YMCA is the 'Y:Women Can' coordinator and arranged an event for women only to come along for a leisurely cycle through Lytham Hall, free bike hire and bike checks, and cycle safety sessions. It was between 2pm and 5pm and from what we could gather, you could turn up at any time around then.

Myself and my friend Caitlin enjoy cycling and have both recently been trying to get in to doing a bit more exercise and so thought we'd check it out. After six or seven months, I finally got my bike out of the shed and took it for a spin. I think the front tire was a bit flat but it got me to Lytham Hall, just. We met with a few other ladies who were all lined up ready to get their bikes checked out and fixed and had a little chat about cycling.

I don't quite know what was properly planned but it wasn't quite what I expected as we didn't really do much cycling. However, as it turns out, my bike really did need a lot of work to it. All the brakes had to be reset and the front wheel cones needed tightening. It wasn't good, but thanks to James, it is all fixed. You should check out more of his work here on Facebook and on his website.

My bike after all the repairs, felt like riding a new bike! Thank you James! (Picture taken by James, and found on his Facebook page.)

Local members from British Cycling came along and set up a short cycling obstacle course for everyone to try out. Some were a little less confident on their bikes as other but this really helped out. No matter how confident I am on a bike, even I couldn't quite make it around the incredibly tight corners. Caitlin, however, managed to complete the course in 24 seconds which was joint first in the record table! I only got to try it twice so perhaps, with practice, I would have got better. I did spend most of my time waiting for my bike to fixed. I think mine took the longest.

Here is a picture of Caitlin (left) and me (right) stood behind Caitlin's slightly more fancier bike than mine. Caitlin's bike needed the new brake blocks as her were completely worn out. (Again, this photo was taken by James and found on his Facebook page.)

After slightly freezing to death outside, we did have a good laugh though, it was time to move on in to the warmth. Those of us that stayed went for "Coffee and Cake", as everyone kept saying, in the newly refurbished Lytham Hall tea rooms. I only had a hot chocolate but it was such a nice warm up after the cold weather outside. Peter Anthony and Paul Lomax (who is actually also the director Hi-de-Hi!) were appointed by the Heritage Trust for the North West to basically renovate it and bring it back to life. I will say straight away, they have done a fantastic job. I don't think I have ever been to such lovely, warm and cosy, tea rooms in my life! The vintage china cups and mahogany tables and chairs work perfectly in the old Georgian house. I think the rest of the building just needs some work doing to it now. As far as I know though, I think they are working on restoring the hall, building and parkland back to it's old grand self.

After a great day out, and a tiring one two as I had already completed a very intense workout at the gym, it was finally time to go home and chill out. Oh wait, no, I had to go to a rehearsal of Hi-de-Hi at half past 7. In fact, I didn't get to "chill out" until at least 11 O'clock. Ah well. I've got a busy week or so ahead of me now! (Especially since dress and tech rehearsals are Sunday to Tuesday and then it's show night for three nights - MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR TICKETS!)

Are you involved in any local sport/fitness groups? Are there any ladies only groups? Let me know what your community does!


- KC xx

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