HAPPY 1ST OF APRIL! It amazes me how excited I suddenly am knowing that it is finally April, although it seems to have come round quite qu...

APRIL FOOLS! - Why I love April!


It amazes me how excited I suddenly am knowing that it is finally April, although it seems to have come round quite quickly. Despite what the title says, no this isn't any kind of April fools joke, I simply chose that title because that seems to be the most common reason why people enjoy this day. I, on the other hand, enjoy this day for many other reasons.

Why I Love April:

  • It's the proper start to Spring! We've already seen some sun here and there and for the time being, it's actually really nice. I've been wearing my sunglasses and, although I haven't quite managed to take off the coat yet, I've been able to sit out in the sun and take it all in. 
sun april march spring time summer
Out on a lovely walk near my boyfriend's house enjoying the sun!
With it being the Easter holidays for the universities, my boyfriend, Edmond, has finally been back home so we've managed to have some lovely days out in the sun. 

  • The Miser rehearsal start this week! As you may well know by now, I'm a member of the Fylde Coast Players and over summer we are doing a joint performance with Lytham Anonymous Players outdoors at Lowther Pavilion. This will be a production of Moliere's 'The Miser' and I am excited to finally be able to say that I have been cast for the part of Marianne! For more information check it out on Lowther's website! 
Here's the most recent promotional poster but I don't think it will be the last!
  • I'm off to Crete! I need a holiday and three weeks today I shall be on a plane! I'm really starting to understand how much I really love travelling, so much so that I'm considering making it a career choice (among other things).Myself and one of my best friends Caitlin will both be setting of to the little Greek Island on April 22nd to spend 4 days at an all inclusive resort. I'm yet to sort out travel money and insurance. I also need to figure out what I'm going to pack!
water, brook, healy nabb, knabb, chorley, lancashire
There were some beautiful thing to see as we walked along the brook! It's not quite a picture of Crete, you'll get those when I've actually been there!

  • BIRTHDAY TIME! As if I didn't already have enough things to look forward to, I turn 19 on the 27th! So, I get back from Crete on the 26th, sleep for an hour or two then suddenly I'm 19! Somehow I can't see myself being awake for that long on the actual day but I will be going out for tea. I shall also be celebrating with my boyfriend and closest friends on the Saturday night!
 18, girls, party, birthday, celebration
Photos from my 18th birthday meal with my boyfriend (the guy with dark hair) and my closest friends (from left to right - George, Caitlin and Halle).

There are quite a few other reasons why I love April but those are the main ones. Hopefully I'll be booking another holiday to Mexico, hopefully I can work things out job wise and hopefully I can get my painful wrist to be better (that's a whole other post..maybe). A lot of 'hopefully' but I'm working towards it!

As you can tell, I'm looking forward to this month!

See you soon!
- KC xx

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