Hey! I am absolutely useless at make up. I one of those people that uses the wrong foundation because it's cheap and I never clean ...

Avon Cosmetics Review - Part 1


I am absolutely useless at make up. I one of those people that uses the wrong foundation because it's cheap and I never clean my brushes. That's if I use them. But recently I've been trying my best to get better! I have watched youtube videos and read blogs about different products that may or may not be good for me and I've decided it's about time to try them out!

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I religiously use Avon mascara and I read a review of their 'ideal flawless' foundation which was very positive so when I found a bunch of offers on their website, I thought it was about time I gave it a go!

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Avon's Ideal Flawless Foundation is usually £12 but at the moment there is currently an offer on where you can buy all three items, shown in the picture above, for £12. I thought this was an offer I couldn't resist! I called this Part 1 of an Avon Cosmetics review because there are quite a few offers on, those I couldn't resist either! (Sneak peak to the items I also bought are in the first photo on this post.)

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Ideal Flawless Foundation (Ivory) - After reading great reviews I was hoping for good things but was still skeptical about how great it would be for my skin. Firstly, I wasn't sure what colour I should get because I am quite fair but I don't like to be too washed out. I've had problems with foundations making me look even more pale before now. I chose ivory as it was the second to fairest shade available and everything else was either too dark or too pink. Despite the unsurity, I was excited to try it!

Review - I give it 4/5! I may even push it more towards the 5 mark! I have only tried it once so far but first impressions were the best they could get! Ivory seems like a perfect match and it really does leave an invisible smooth-looking coverage! It was really easy to apply and covered up my blemish very well. I was most definitely impressed! I can see this becoming my regular go-to foundation!

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Ideal Flawless Cream Concealer - I'm very much used to you Rimmel concealer because of the easy application and I'm not a fan of cream concealers. That said, it was a part of the offer and in my attempt to try new make up things I thought I'd give it a chance.

Review - I give it at least 3.5/5! Mainly because it's very small so I'm not sure I'd buy it at full price. However, it has definitely opened my eyes a bit and given my Rimmel stick a run for it's money! It's a much better match to my skin tone and worked perfectly to hide the ugly spots that seem to keep appearing on my face when they are not wanted (I think it's stress). It gave a nice highlight under my eyes and finished off the real foundations to my face make up! It partners very well with it's foundation counter-part! After a bit more use I reckon it will be another go-to. Avon need to get ready for some more orders! So does my bank account!

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Make up setting spray - I will be honest, I have never used a setting spray before. I have heard people rave about Mac's Studio Fix but I've been struggling for money so I tend not to prioritise it at all. The instructions were to use about 4 sprays across your face and the make up should stay on for at least the day.

Review - I give it about 3 to 3.5/5! My first impressions were worrying because I don't know how long it would last but 4 sprays didn't use much at all. It was refreshing and I felt like I could worry less about my make up becoming streaking as the day went on. At night my make up still looked flawless and for the first time I felt like I was actually good at make up! Yussssss!

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I was very impressed with each of these items. So far I can't fault them and as I use them more I expect to begin to love them more! I doubt it will be long before I feel like I need to update them all to a 5/5! I shall definitely be purchasing them all again! I hope the offer lasts a bit longer! Or new offers include them!

See you in part 2! I have quite a bit more to show you! 
- KC xx

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