Hello! I am back from Crete! I hope you didn't miss the posts that went up while I was away. I didn't have much chance to promo...

Crete - April 2016


I am back from Crete! I hope you didn't miss the posts that went up while I was away. I didn't have much chance to promote them so here they are:

I took the day off from blogging on Wednesday because I got back home at about 1am and IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY! I thought I'd just chill as I didn't ave any birthday plans until this Saturday! I shall do a little blog post about all that for next week! 

So, now I'm back in England! Not for long, I might add, as I shall be jetting off to Mexico in June. I have finally booked to go back to Mexico so that is one more thing I can cross off the 2016 bucket list! I cannot wait! In the meantime I have got lots to talk about regarding Crete! What a fantastic holiday!
crete, flight, thomas cook,airplane, greece
Stunning views flying across Europe!
After flying from Manchester Airport with Thomas Cook, we landed on the already scorching hot Greek island around 4pm their time (they are 2 hours ahead). A 15 minute transfer took us straight to our hotel and our first impressions were exceptional. The reception staff at the Aphrodite Beach Club welcomed us with cooling towels neatly rolled up in a basket and said they had upgraded us to a Superior Room. We quickly got changed and headed down to the pool to see a bit more of the hotel and later watch the sunset over the sea. Wow, what an amazing sight to see!

sunset, crete, greece, beach, sea, ocean
Beautiful sunset!
We already had our first day planned as we had previously booked a Jeep Safari to go on the Minoan route and that was fantastic. Such an experience and so glad we did it! I will be doing alternative posts about Crete so I can go into more detail but we had such a great time and have so many pictures to show you but for now I'll give a rough guide of what we did... Our driver took us right up into the mountains, stopping off when there were beautiful sights to see so we could get photos and take it all in. We also stopped off at a few little traditional Greek villages where the locals invited us in for homemade olives, bread and of course, their Raki. Yum! At the top of the mountains was Zeus' cave which took us around 25 minutes to climb up the 'harder' path and then cost us 6 euros to enter. Well worth it! It was great to be in a place that has so much history! Supposedly it's the birth place of Zeus and other Ancient Greek Gods. The price of the safari included BBQ for lunch and unlimited wine and water! I had a pork chop with homemade chips (made with olive oil) and it was delicious. Possibly the best pork chop I've ever had! Read my post about it here.

jeep, safari, crete, greece, adventure
Jeep Safari was with Safari Club and it was fantastic!
jeep safari, crete, greece, views, sights, adventure
The views were unbelievable!
Day three took us to Knossos and then the beach in the afternoon. We hired a taxi to take us to Knossos and then he waited for us at no extra charge! The entrance fee was 15 euros but for the size of it, I was fine to pay that. Being able to see such well preserved ancient ruins that have so much history is such a privilege and the sights to see were awe inspiring! 
knossos, crete, knosos, greece, ancient greek, history
Very traditional Ancient Greek architecture! 
Knossos, knosos, ruins, ancient greek, greece, crete
Well-preserved ruins with a beautiful back drop!
Monday was our final full day and yet again we had a trip planned. You can probably tell we were trying to cram as much as possible into this short 4 night stay. The trip was a cycling tour! Both Caitlin and I enjoy cycling so it only seemed right that this would be how we would try see most of the area. We were picked up from the hotel and taken to Old Town Malia, kitted up with bikes, helmets, gloves, and water and then shown the route. Basically we had to follow red arrows or dots which was pretty simple! What another fantastic experience! I really need to learn more adjectives! The route took us up towards the mountains, along some dirt tracks, back down to the coast, through Sissi, and back to Old Town Malia. We stopped off for food at a little taverna along the way too.

pork belly, pork, chips, homemade, greek salad, bbq, crete
Pork Belly with homemade chips! Absolutely delicious! 
cycling, beach, crete, greece, taverna
We didn't get many photos on the route but I managed to GoPro it all! Yet again, stunning sights and such an adventure!
Tuesday was our leaving day but our flight wasn't until 20 to 9 at night so we did have most of the day to chill out! Unfortunately, both of us got badly sun burnt at the beach the afternoon before so we were in a little bit too much pain to do much else. We walked up along the beach and bought some souvenirs. It was also much too windy to be outside for very long so German TV it was (there weren't any English channels, except the news).

Sea, beach, rough seas, greece, crete,
The sea had been extremely calm for the duration of the holiday until the last day!
souvenirs, crete, greece, ancient greek, shops
There were so many souvenirs to choose from! I loved these but ended up not having enough money to buy anything else!
The flight home was an experience. Not a particularly good one. I've never flown with EasyJet before so I wasn't sure what to expect. I'm used to the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner that's massive, TV's on the back of the seats and plenty of legroom. This flight was the complete opposite. No TVs and no legroom. I kind of guessed it was going to be a bit like that though so that didn't really bother me so much. It was the fact the after two hours I felt like I could barely breathe. My nose was hurting, my eyes were stinging. I think it was something to do with the air pressure. Also, my table was filthy! The cabin crew announced they were coming round with drinks and food and then they got to us about half an hour later and we were sat on row 10. They ran out of all their hot food and sandwiches too so anyone after about row 15 wouldn't have got anything. I was glad to be back in England, lets put it that way!

Crete is a beautiful island that I'd love to be able to visit again sometime in the future. I'd love to see more of the island, perhaps the south. I wouldn't stay in that hotel again but I'd definitely recommend the trips! If you're going to Crete, definitely don't forget your camera! We both had a wonderful and well-needed short break away and now it's time to get back to normal! And, I guess, start the countdown for Mexico!

Look out for more posts on Crete! I shall link them at the bottom of this post when they are published! If you have any questions about the trip, let me know in the comments and I'll try to cover them in the next posts!

Where are you going on holiday this year? Or if you've been already, where did you go and how was it?

See ya!
- KC xx

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