Hello! Back in January I registered to take part in the 5K Adrenaline Rush obstacle race. For now, it may not be a 10K but I still need to...

Tips for Obstacle Course Training


Back in January I registered to take part in the 5K Adrenaline Rush obstacle race. For now, it may not be a 10K but I still need to build up my fitness to be able to physically take part. After doing my research and starting my training, I have compiled a list of tips and advice to give to anyone who is thinking about taking part in an event like this or of course to those who have already registered!

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Here are 10 tips for your training:

1.    Stick to a weights and calisthenic program with cardio! - you need to build up muscles in places you never knew you had muscles whilst keeping fit doing different types of cardio.

2.    Make sure you warm up! - Doing a mix of exercises like walking lunges, arm swings, and hip circles will help to wake up those muscles that will need strengthening. Spend time focusing on the different areas of your body before you start any kind of work out. Don't forget to stretch!

3.    Take advantage of your local gym! - Pull up bars and weights (both machines and free weights) are essential to help build up those muscles but to fully work your body. To use those muscles that you wouldn't normally use, make sure to change up you hand positioning to give a complete, full body workout.

4.    Take it outdoors! - There are plenty of parks across the country that will have monkey bars and beams you can balance on. Take your usual workout to the park and experiment with what you can do.

5.    Build it up! - You can't simply stick to the same routine. The whole point of training is to build it up and get better and fitter and stronger (I don't know why I didn't decide to quote a bit of Kanye then). Every other week increase a part of your training, whether that's reps, distance, time, or weight. No pain, no gain, right? Of course, don't push yourself too much otherwise you could end up injuring yourself. Know your limits!

6.    Eat healthily! - Stay away from all those chocolate biscuits (did you hear that me?!) and stick to the fruit and veg! Keep hydrated and eat plenty of protein to help mend those muscles.

7.    Keep hydrated! - I just said this but it's important. Throughout your training, you must drink plenty of water but most importantly, 2 days before the event you must drink plenty of water in order to increase your electrolyte intake (your heart depends on it!).

8.    Run through dirt! - You don't have to literally do this but it might very well help. The point is to vary your runs. Run through dirt or run on grass. Change the incline on a treadmill or find a forest to run through. It all helps and the different surfaces will work different muscles. Whatever you do, avoid cement! Avoid the pavements and roads as it's very likely that your obstacle race won't be on one of these.

9.    Take a cold shower! - Cold showers with help you to acclimatise to the cold water you may be dunked in during the race. Don't spend longer than 30 seconds under the cold water though as you could make yourself ill. After the 30 seconds, warm yourself up slowly. Remember that during the race you will have already warmed up your body. Oh, baths work too!

10.    REST! - No one expects you to train every day, if you can then good for you but everyone needs a rest day or two. I try to stick to training at least three times a week with 24 hour rest periods in between. Training for an obstacle race can be intense so make sure you relax and let those muscles rebuild themselves. But don't pig out whilst resting!

There you go! Some may be common sense but sometimes it's good to see them written down in front of you just as a reminder. Others are very useful to know, especially as Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner. It will be nice to do a workout at the park and in the sun!

What sort of training are you doing? Are these tips helpful for you too?

Happy Training!
- KC xx

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