Bonjourno! I go on holiday next week! Just saying.. I'm rather excited! CRETE HERE I COME! I have my holiday clothes sorted and ready ...

Top Holiday Picks from NEXT


I go on holiday next week! Just saying.. I'm rather excited! CRETE HERE I COME! I have my holiday clothes sorted and ready to be put in my suitcase but I can't help myself but keep looking at holiday clothes, especially since this month, or at least very soon, I shall also be booking my holiday to Mexico! Therefore I am going to need more holiday clothes anyway! I have been searching around the internet so today I give you my top picks from Next!

In no particular order I'm just going to through a bunch of random holiday type item of clothing and accessories, so here we go:

lipsy, chevron, kaftan, holiday, clothes, fashion, next
Lipsy Chevron Kaftan, £25

I love my cover ups because they are so easy to just throw on over your bikini so you can lounge around or if you're anything like me, go and play (win) a game of shuffle board. Best thing about this style for me is that it keeps just enough sun of the areas where I burn the most whilst also remaining stylish, figure enhancing and shows of the bikini underneath!

monochrome, geo print, print, short, dress, fashion, next, holiday
Monochrome Geo Print Short Dress, £25

On holiday, I'm all for a short dress so this definitely caught my eye! I tend to love monochrome prints so along with the pockets this was a must. The almost halter neck (I don't know if there is a name for it) is very unusual compared to my entire wardrobe so it's nice to see something a bit different that I would actually choose to wear!

Kaftan, red, zig zag, holiday, clothes, fashion, next
Red Zig Zag Lace Kaftan, £28

Kaftans again... It's this style of kaftan in particular that I like. Something that ties in the middle but is also very light and summery of course. This red zig zag pattern is very tribal and ultimately perfect for somewhere like Mexico. Although, the colours make it perfect for anywhere with sun!

White Beach Shirt, £24

This is the sort of thing that I would be scared to pick up because I wouldn't be sure how it would fit on me, however, looking at it now, I really like it. I love baggy tops and especially on holiday. I just think there's something lazy but casually stylish about wearing a baggy shirt. Personally, I'd think about adding a thin brown belt around the waist to pull it in a bit but either way it's now on my list!

bikini, red, cream, shell, soft, triangle, bikini, holiday, swimming
Red and Cream Shell Soft Triangle Bikini
Top - £20, Bottom - £14

My favourite style of bikinis is the triangle. It's the only style I seem to find that properly suits me without a doubt. Somehow, whenever I wear a triangle bikini, I feel a lot more confident in myself. I feel slimmer and healthier and ready to go to the beach. I love the colour of this bikini as it's bright enough for holidays but not too bright that it will wash out my pale skin. Of course a nice tan would go well with it too, if I can ever manage to get one. I'm not too sure about the shells because I'd be worried about them falling off but I suppose I wouldn't care that much because I do really like this bikini!


blue, elephant, shopper, bag, holiday, beach bag, beach
Blue Elephant Canvas Shopper, £4

Ok, ok, yes I know it's a shopper, but who cares, right? I couldn't resist it. I love elephants! Not to mention, I love that colour. Plus, it would be perfect as a beach bag. Nice, bright and colourful for in the sun, the right material, and elephants. The elephants are just perfect. Perfect for me anyway! I really want this bag! It's the right size to hold all the essentials in too!

beach bag, beach, vero moda, moda, monochrome, holiday
Vero Moda Beach Bag, £14

This is very much my kind of beach bag. It is monochrome, yet again, so luckily for me it will go with any other colour outfit, which is always a plus. It is slouchy and lose fitting, therefore comfy for me. It's also big enough to hold everything, if not more! Going back to the pattern, I love it. Enough said. Perfect for summer holidays!

Gold (metal) Polarised Aviator Style Sunglasses, £15

My favourites, aviator sunglasses. I've lost count of how many pairs of sunglasses I have but you can never have too many (as long as you're not paying a fortune for them). Recently I've started wearing a lot more pairs of sunglasses that have other coloured lenses and not just black so these brown ones stood out to me. I also love the gold rims, making the sunglasses look a lot more expensive than they are. I have blonde hair and along with the colours I often wear, I tend to suit gold so I love it!

caramel, medium, square, polarised, sunglasses, holiday, fashion
 caramel, medium , square, polarise, sunglasses, holiday, next

Medium Square Polarised Sunglasses, £10 

Nude sunglasses always manage to look so delicately feminine, yet remain sexy and stylish. When I wear them, I feel like I'm made for Hollywood. Is that a bit too over the top? Oh well. These Medium Square sunglasses have a beautiful rose gold detail on either side finished off with caramel lens and at £10, I can't resist that bargain. They look like they could be at least £50!

Well, that is it for now. I'll leave you to have a nosy at these whilst I surf the internet some more to find more holiday clothes. I wish I had more money!

Are you ready for your holidays yet?

- KC xx

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