Hello! (I need to learn more words for hello!) With this lovely, kinda , weather we've been having recently I've been trying to m...

Walking in Sunshine

(I need to learn more words for hello!)

With this lovely, kinda, weather we've been having recently I've been trying to make the most of it. Living on the coast, it can be beautiful in the sunshine and everyone is out walking their dogs and buying ice creams.

Before Edmond went back to university we went for a little walk in a place that some will call Fairhaven, but really it is just in Ansdell. If you don't know where Ansdell is then it is in between Lytham and St Annes - yes they are two different towns. If you don't know where Lytham and St Annes are or as you may know it, Lytham St Annes, then it's near Blackpool. For those of you further away from the UK, or if you aren't very good at geography, Blackpool is about an hour away from Manchester which is in the North West of England. Feeling like you've had a geography lesson now? Yeah, me too! It's sometimes difficult to explain roughly where I live when it's such a little town! Does anyone else get that? It's always the worst when I go abroad and people ask me where I'm from!

So anyway, we went for a little walk. It was sunny and warm-ish. There's a lake and a small beach/sandy area. It was a nice little walk.

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Fairhaven Lake in the Sun
Ok, so that was the extremely short version of what happened. Fairhaven lake is a beautiful place to visit on a lovely day like this was. Even better when it's a lot warmer! Although pretty much everything was closed, it wasn't weird. It was actually quite nice for it not be as busy as I've previously seen it, but it wasn't as desolate as you'd imagine. It was peaceful and surprisingly relaxing for me.

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Boats by the Lake

During the summer, you can hire boats and take a trip on water across the lake. I've done it so many times and yet it just doesn't seem to get old. A motor boat can hold up to 5 people so it's a great day out for you and a small bunch of friends, or of course you and your family. On this day it was closed so we weren't able to go on a mini boating trip but it was calming to see the water so gentle.

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Boat on the Lake

Just by Fairhaven Lake is the beach! Welcome to the coast, where there does happen to be a lot of beach but it's very rare we actually see any sea. The lake my look very pretty but the sea tends to be way too full of sand so it's not quite the same colour as the Caribbean sea, it's more of a grey. Even so, it's still a wonderful sight to see when the weather allows it.

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Muddy Beach

Trust me, there's some sand there somewhere. If you walk closer to the sea then you'll see it. I have a funny feeling that this area isn't actually the sea and that it's part of the Ribble Estuary but ah well. It might also look quite messy but that's the fault of the tide. I got muddy shoes but the ice cream I devoured whilst walking through the muddy sand was delicious. Good ol' Mr Whippy! I love it!

Fairhaven Lake and the area around it brings back a lot of memories for me. I used to go to swimming lessons as a kid nearby and I remember times when my Dad would park up in the car park at Fairhaven Lake to show me the hills in Wales that you can see across the sea. I also remember my Dad teaching me how to drive a car (automatic) just before I turned 16. I've got a lot of good memories from Fairhaven.

If you're ever up North, I'd suggest definitely checking Fairhaven out! Every time I go there, I have a wonderful time.

Is there somewhere you like to visit that reminds you of your childhood? How've you been spending your time in this lovely weather (ignoring the odd spells of rain)?

See you soon!
- KC xx

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