Hey all! We all love cake right? No, you don't? Well go eat an apple because you're boring! Yes, you do? We can be friends. ...

Cake in the mail?! ***GIVEAWAY***

Hey all!

We all love cake right? No, you don't? Well go eat an apple because you're boring! Yes, you do? We can be friends.

If there's a desert I love, it's got to be cake, preferably with some ice cream! So when I was offered the chance to review BakerDays' Cake by Post service I jumped at the chance! Free cake, what is better? Nothing, that's what!

BakerDays specialise in personalised cakes for any occasion. Available for delivery 6 days a week, BakerDays claim to produce top quality and delicious recipes. If you order before 2pm you also get next day delivery. They have recently released their new 'Letterbox Cakes' and they are just about exactly what you are thinking. It's a 5 inch cake that is made to fit perfectly through your letterbox making the delivery process even easier. Not only that but it makes them perfect as gifts for all your friends and family!

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After being contacted by BakerDays and choosing the letterbox cake design that I wanted, my cake was dispatched on the Monday and the next day there was a loud crash that came through the door. I honestly had no idea what it was until I opened the box. I couldn't quite figure out why a cake made such a loud noise so I wasn't sure it even was my cake. Opening the box was pretty amazing. I instantly could smell the vanilla (I choose a vanilla sponge cake for the cake part). I may be exaggerated because I was hungry but still. It smelt gorgeous! The cake came in a cute 'Just for you' tin (as seen above) with a packet of love hearts, an information sheet about BakerDays and an adorable little card with candles on the front wishing that I enjoy my cake! I thought it was a very lovely little touch!

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On to the part I'm sure you're all wondering about, how was the cake? Firstly I'll say that the design of it was better than I expected. I choose a simple, unpersonalised Congratulations cake, mainly for blog photo purposes. Plus, I didn't really fancy uploading a photo of myself, and I don't think my parents would have appreciated their face on a cake either. Especially not when I needed to take photos for this post. So it was handy that they also have cakes that you don't have to personalise too! I don't think the photo above quite does it justice.

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Since it is only a 5 inch cake, it's perfect as a present for someone. It's bigger than giving a cupcake but not too big to have to share it with anyone, perfect right? I don't want to have to share cake either. That said, I did share this one with my mum so I could get a second opinion. We had half each and both of us really liked it. It was very tasty, not dry at all and even the icing was lovely. Normally icing can be too sweet for me and there's only so much that I can have but this icing was just right! I could eat it all!

The service by the company was very good! They were very polite when I was in contact with them too. The cake was delicious, all of it! The designs available are also very diverse and there is something for every occasion. Piece of advise Brits, it's fathers day in June so this would make a perfect gift!

One thing I would suggest to BakerDays is that they should probably put a fragile sticker on the box so the postman takes more care when putting it through the letterbox!

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This post isn't over yet! I have a giveaway for you!

Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for your chance to win your very own Letterbox cake! If you win, you could treat one of your best friends, or even your parents. Or you could just treat yourself!

T&Cs: This competition is open to UK and Ireland only and is run, through me, by BakerDays. There will only be one winner who will receive a letterbox gift cake in a design and flavour of the winner's choice! Anyone who cheats will be disqualified!

Visit BakerDays on Facebook and Twitter!

Good luck to all those that enter!

- KC xx

Who would you get one of these cakes for? Are you celebrating anything soon?

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