Hi all! As you will probably know from my  Fitness Goals post , I'm working on getting fitter and healthier, as I'm sure most o...

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Hi all!

As you will probably know from my Fitness Goals post, I'm working on getting fitter and healthier, as I'm sure most of us are, or at least want to. Well yet again, life got in the way and I struggled to go to the gym last week. This week I've been working harder though! I managed to go once... 

I know, I know, that's pretty pathetic. I went yesterday and that was it. I shall be going again tomorrow though and I have a home 'Drop 10' workout I will do tonight! I don't know where the drop 10 workout is from, it was a random photo I found on twitter. Supposedly if you do it every night you can drop 10 pounds in 2 weeks! I now have 10 days until I go on holiday so let's hope it works.

It says workoutfitnessmotivation.com at the bottom of the photo but when I try follow that link, it doesn't work so I guess you can have the workout yourself!

Drop 10 - 
100 crunches
90 jumping jacks
80 lunges
70 squats
60 seconds running on the spot
50 second plank
40 jumping jacks
30 squats
20 high knees
10 push ups

I've decided at the end of each week I'm going to force myself to write a round up post on how I'm doing with my fitness, so wish me luck.

Now, in the spirit of trying to motivate myself to workout, I thought I'd show you some of my top pics of workout clothes. Does anyone else feel a lot more motivated just by looking at fitness clothes. I would be motivated even more if I could buy them!

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Sports Bras

Piece of advice, don't forget to put your sports bra on if you intend on doing a hard core workout. I did that the other day and I have to say, I now know exactly why sports bras are so important, it hurts without them. Literally!

Workout Tops

I love being able to have enough workout tops so I can change each time I do actually go to the gym. Although I'll be the first to admit that I avoid getting my arms out but I'm trying and I have two vest style work out tops so far! Got to love a bit of colour too!

Workout Bottoms

All my bottoms are plain old boring black. Oh no, sorry, one pair has a pink stripe down the side! So I recently bought a pair of monochrome patterned three quarters which I actually really love but I think they'll have to wait until the sun comes out a bit more before I wear them regularly.

Workout Jackets and Hoodies

I intend on doing some more running outdoors. It's difficult as I have asthma but it's better to try than not right? Jackets are a must for being outdoors in this country though!

Workout Accessories

Whether you're working out at home or at the gym, I wish you all the luck with your fitness goals and regimes!

Blog to you all next week!
- KC xx

What motivates you to do fitness? What are your fitness goals?

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