Waheyyy! IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! Well, kind of, kind of not... April 27th was my birthday but I've only just finished cel...

Happy 19th Birthday to Me!



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Well, kind of, kind of not...

April 27th was my birthday but I've only just finished celebrating! I mentioned in my last post that it was my birthday on the Wednesday I got back from Crete and as I had just got back off holiday, I didn't really do anything. Instead, I nominated the weekend after for my celebrations! The plan was to go out into town and have a few cocktails and maybe a bit of food from somewhere and see where the night takes us. Although we had a good night, there was just three of us so there was only so much you could do.

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Pina Colada from Turtle Bay = A-MAY-ZING! Although not quite the same as the ones you get in Mexico. Turtle Bay do the nicest cocktails I've ever had, so far, in England!
Captain America: Civil War came out on the 29th so Sunday (yesterday) was cinema day! It's very rare that we go anywhere else than our little independent cinema in St Annes but we wanted to see it in 3D so I drove myself, my boyfriend and two best friends to the Odeon. It was a brilliant film! Although I'm not sure if pay £16 something for a ticket was worth it... I will definitely be watching it again, but it won't be at an Odeon. Their prices are hideous! Despite it being a 'versus' film, The Russo Brothers did their job fantastically and pulled of another exceptional movie! I cannot wait for the next Marvel films! It was a million times better than Batman Vs Superman! (What a waste of a film that was, and that's coming from a massive Superman fan!)

captain morgan, rum, tequila, mexico, holiday, alcohol
Captain Morgan's Dark Rum off my friend Halle and a bottle of Tequila off Edmond, the boyfriend.I don't drink much alcohol at all but I do love a good dark rum and coke. The tequila was more just for the bottle and the fact that we are going back to Mexico!
Being 19 in my family basically means you get ignored (with the exception of an Auntie and my parents). Because we have such a big family, there's a rule that as soon as you turn 18 you don't get any more presents. However, that shouldn't mean I don't get a card too but let's not start talking about how annoying my family can be. So, this year I didn't get that many presents because of that.

When my parents asked me what I wanted this year and I told them I wanted a proper DSLR camera, I knew I wasn't going to get anything else because of the price. This I was perfectly happy with. I now have a Nikon D5200. It just happens to be the exact same camera my boyfriend has (#relationshipgoals). That was pure fluke. I hadn't told my parents of an actual model, just that I wanted a reasonably new model with flip-out view finder. I am extremely happy with the camera and I shall be using it a lot more now so expect better quality photos and videos on my YouTube channel

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Flash logo necklace from Edmond, and a bunch of nail things from my sister, Samantha.
My boyfriend got me a bunch of presents, including some of the things in the photos and a comic book called 'The Books of Magic' by Neil Gaiman and although I don't normally read comic books, this one has really intrigued me. It was originally published as a 4-part-series about a 13-year-old boy called Timothy who is basically told he has magic, then he gets an owl, and certain people want to kill him because he's powerful, etc. etc. etc. Do you get where I'm going with this? It's supposed to be very similar to, you guessed it, Harry Potter. Except it was actually originally published in 1990 when the first Harry Potter book was only published in 1997. Being a big Harry Potter fan, I am definitely interested in this. I shall definitely be giving this a read very soon. I will sit in bed with a Galaxy hot chocolate (that Ed also got me) and read it. Too bad I ate the popcorn at the cinema.

earrings, jewelry, birthday, presents,
Earrings from Halle!
Halle, one of my best friends, got me these beautiful earrings, along with some Milkybar buttons, the rum, and a sentimental coaster that reads "Best friends make the good times better and the hard times easier". The coaster speaks a lot of truth! Apparently I still have some presents waiting from my other friend Caitlin so I have a few more to open yet! I did also get a 'coz-e-reader' which is basically a cushion thing that's a stand for your e-reader or tablet whilst you're in bed. It's a good idea and cool design but there's one major problem... I don't have an e-reader or tablet of any kind. So, until I can get myself an iPad, it's going to have to wait in the box.

Overall, one of my favourite things about my birthday is the fact that myself and Edmond have finally booked to go back to this place:

mayan, mexico, holiday, travel, thomsons,
Having a picture taken with some random guy wearing traditional Mayan costume down 5th Avenue in Playa Del Carmen.

I still can't believe it! I am unbelievably excited as we go on the 7th June (35 days, not that I'm counting) and we shall be there for Ed's birthday which will make it extra special! I'm glad we booked it when we did too because it has gone up by over £100 in price since then! 35 days can't come round quick enough! I still can't believe I never posted about mexico, I shall have to do a post or two before I go away (and after)!

Considering I'm now 19, I think I did pretty well considering, 19 is very much a boring age. Let's just hope I can make this year not so boring!

What did you do for your birthday or what are your plans? Any big birthdays coming up?

- KC xx

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