Good evening! (More like the next day now...) Well, today has been a long, stressful, and pretty much horrific day! If only I could blo...

Nude Fashion

Good evening! (More like the next day now...)

Well, today has been a long, stressful, and pretty much horrific day! If only I could blog about it... I can't though so I'm sorry if I got you wondering what has been going on. Maybe one day you can find out but seriously, you don't want to. 

I had plans to blog yesterday and get things scheduled but that didn't quite happen. Season two of Gossip Girl did though, oops! I have never watched it before and I must say that I'm loving it! I also started watching 90210 from the beginning and I'm loving that so far too! I have seen season 3 and 4 of 90210 but never from the beginning so my mum and I are watching it together! 

Moving on...

In order for me to actually get a post up tonight, I thought I'd do something a bit simpler and simply give you a lust list type of thing, similar to my Top Design Trends post but a little different. As always I like to write about things I love and I've started to notice that I point out every piece of nude clothing or nude accessories I pass by. Am I seriously becoming one of those girls?! Oh well, I like it!

Nude Designs

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There is just something sophisticated and simply pretty about each of these dresses. You'd expect them to be much dearer than they are. Of course the first one is more expensive but you can understand why. They are perfect for any kind of event but put on a light denim jacket and you're ready for an average walk in the park, literally!

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Womens Nude Patent Platform Sandals at River Island - £55 £30
Doodle Slip On Trainers at ASOS - £18

A shoe for every occasion! Is it just me or do nude coloured shoes go with everything? I tend to wear black because it goes with everything so wouldn't it be nice to have a bit of a change for the brighter?! I am a big fan of the gladiator style sandals, always have been and can't quite seem to be able to get away from them. That said, I never seem to wear that style of pumps or trainers at all. It's Converse for me and that's it (not real Converse I'll add, mine are from Deichmann), but I really like those and would love to try them with my black skinnies! 

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You might have already been able to tell from my previous posts that I quite like sunglasses. Ok, I love them! I have so many pairs because I can never just stick to one. I buy them cheap (usually from Primark) because I tend to lose or break them easily but that still doesn't mean I wouldn't buy more expensive pairs if I could afford them. I couldn't believe these were from M&S of all places! Also from Primark, I recently bought a beautiful dainty necklace with a hint of the nude/pastel pink colour in it. It works so well with practically all of my clothes. The plus about this necklace (the one shown above) is that it's gold plated so, if you're anything like me, you won't go green! There's also a matching ear cuff that is gorgeous that you can find in the widget below. Now the bag I love because I have this thing for bags with slightly unusual shapes but are still big enough for a large book!

Can you tell where I've been shopping lately? If not, check back and realise how many of those were from ASOS!

Hopefully things will get better over this week and I will have my normal amount of time to write posts! I'm really looking forward to writing about Mexico and my fitness journey! I get excited about things like that!

Until then...
- KC xx

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Do you like the nude colours? What designs are you loving? 

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