Hi all! You may very well know that I shall be running a 5K Obstacle race on the 6th August in aid of Macmillan cancer! Of course, I n...

A to Z of Fundraising Ideas

Hi all!

You may very well know that I shall be running a 5K Obstacle race on the 6th August in aid of Macmillan cancer! Of course, I need to raise some money. So far I haven't quite managed to raise anything, although I haven't exactly been trying. I have created my fundraising page but not much promoting for it has gone down. So it's about time I start to at least think about it and then when I'm back from my holiday the fundraising begins. 

I always enjoy raising money for charity but I often struggle to think of something to do. I have not yet decided but I had filed together an A to Z list to help me with some ideas and maybe it will even help some of you in you fundraising adventures!

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Here's a few I came up with. Some are weird and random, some completely normal and obvious!

A - Abseiling - Find the highest building and let everyone know you're going to climb down it! Impressive right?!

 B - Bake off  - Oh so British! Get your local community involved, or maybe just some friends, and fight it out! Who can make the best jam tart or victoria sponge?

C - Colouring Competition - Find a theme, create some posters and then get everyone involved! Similar to this one I did for Stand up to Cancer around Halloween.

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D - Dress Up - Got a favourite Disney Princess? Become her for the day! Who cares if you're at work or school! I once dressed up as Captain America for the day during high school! Remember to ask you boss first to make sure you won't get fired for it!

E - 'Eat Everything' Competition - Grab a bunch of people to eat as much food as possible in 5 minutes or even 60 seconds! Do it with the kids too and you can invite and charge people entrance. All proceeds go to charity though!

F - Football Tournament - Score that hat-trick! Families against families. Businesses against businesses. No matter who plays, get them to pay a fee and then put them to the test and see which team can raise the most money!

G - Get Gunged! - Get the recipe for gunge online, invite people to come see it and post all the pictures and videos online!

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Here's one of me getting gunged, by myself, for a YouTube video

H - Hiking - Whether it's height or distance, get people to sponsor you to hike across the countryside or up a mountain!

I - Igloo making - Find whatever crafty things you can and put every to the test and see who can build the best igloo under a time limit!

J - Jousting - It might sound dangerous but there are easier ways to do this at home. Make the sticks with cushions and either run at each other or get your local stables involved.

K - Knitathon - Now this is one for my Mum! Get all the grannies, mums and kids to knit for as long as they can! Let's see who can make the most different items. Then you can sell the jumpers and cushions and raise more money! Or give them to the homeless!

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L - Lemonade Stand - Most definitely one to get the kids involved in! It's not very often seen in this country these days so it's always lovely to see that home-made sign in front of a small table full of plastic cups and jugs or home-made lemonade!

M - Masquerade Ball - It's always been a dream of mine to go to a proper masquerade ball! There is so much class behind the whole idea of it and it reminds me so much of Phantom of the Opera! Invite everyone to buy their tickets and have a timeless night!

N - Nordic Walking - This is a new sporting craze that seems to be hitting all the clubs and what a challenge it is too! Pick a distance and get family, friends, and the world to sponsor you to walk with your sticks!

O - Orange Peeling - Sounds daft I know but who can peel the most oranges in a minute? Not me, I could probably barely even manage one but it's all about the fun in fundraising!

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P - Ping Pong Tournament - Who doesn't love a good ol' game of ping pong? It's often a good laugh and an easy way to get a lot of people involved!

Q - Quiz Night - Get in touch with your local pub and see if you can host a night or even invite all your friends and family round to yours and make sure you have that music round at the ready!

R - Running - Obvious but it seems to be one of the most popular ways of raising money for charity, especially with the marathon!

S - Sing-a-long - Karaoke night! Or even a High School Musical marathon. Take your pick and don't forget to warm up you vocal chords!

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T - Tug of war - Let's see if those men really are as strong as they think they are!

U - Unicycling - If you can find them and actually managed to get on one, who can stay on it for hte longest?

V - Viking Boat Races - Again, if you can get hold of them, it can be such an amazing thing to get involved in and such a great and funny day out for all the spectators!

W - Wellington Throwing - I loved a good wellington throwing competition when I was younger. You always think you're going to do well and then the welly doesn't quite get very far, but it's always good fun!

X - Xylophone Orchestra - X and Z are always going to be difficult! But why not get a job lot of Xylophones and create an entire orchestra with them? You could even do a concert!

Y - Yodel - I just thought it would be funny to see a yodelling competition. Can you yodel? You never know, you might become the next biggest yodeler! Is that a thing?

Z - Zoolander Style Catwalk - Get some fabrics, make those costumes and strut your stuff. Charge for tickets, snacks and drinks and maybe even be cheeky ask for money if someone wants a photo with one of the models!

My choice of fundraising this time is to be sponsored for this 5K Obstacle Course race so my next job is to promote it online and around the family and the friends! If you would like to help me raise money please visit my Just Giving page and donate! Any shares of that page would also be gratefully appreciated!

Wish me luck in raising money!
 - KC xx

Have you done any fundraising recently? Got any other ideas? Leave them in the comments below!

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