Hi! On the 22nd of June I took a trip back to my old high school with one of my best friends Caitlin. It was a very odd experience bein...

Back To Hockey


On the 22nd of June I took a trip back to my old high school with one of my best friends Caitlin. It was a very odd experience being back in a place where I spent so much of my 19 years. I choose to go to elsewhere for college so I haven't been to my high school in 3 years now. After spending 5 years there and then not going back, it was weird pulling up in the car park. The fact that I was driving myself was a big weird thing.

I wasn't returning for anything to do with the school though. It just happens that the grounds are very often used for other sports clubs and it is one of our local YMCAs. I was there for a session of 'Back to Hockey'!

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Run by Lytham St Annes Hockey Club, Back To Hockey is a session to help them look for new members whilst helping us, the ones who attend, to have a go at getting back in to something we may not have done in a while. It's also open to those who may not have played it at all. It's open to everyone really. It's a nationwide scheme from England Hockey hoping to bring back old players to the sport.

I hadn't played hockey since I was in year 8, so I was only 12 maybe 13 years old. This was when I was back in high school, another reason I found it weird to be there. Hockey was the only sport I really did well in. I got in the A team and we won the local tournament! That was all in year 7 because then in year 8 our hockey team ended up being dismantled due to a lack of coach. That was unfortunate since I really loved hockey.

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I never got rid of my hockey stick and ball. I was way too attached! During college, at a time when I was extremely stress out, I took my hockey stick and ball into my back garden and created some dents in the back wall in an attempt at letting off some steam.

At the first Back to Hockey session, we did a quick warm up and then got on with some easy drills, helping us all to get used to dribbling, passing and hitting the ball. Then it was on to boys versus girls in a game of Tic Tac Toe. A grid was laid out in cones and we had to each, in turn, place a ball (orange for the girls and white for the boys) in a square to try and get three in a row. I can't quite remember who won over all but it was a fun game.

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There was a great turn out! A few lads, a couple of girls my age, and some mums with their daughters. It wasn't too hot but it was still a lovely day. The perfect weather to play hockey. We finished with a 7-a-side game, our team winning, and paid our £3. I will admit that all my muscles were aching for the next three days even though I didn't feel like I had actually done a full workout. That's the best thing about taking part in team sports, you have so much fun that you don't realise you're working out!

Sunday just gone was the second session. Yet again, I had a great time but the weather was horrific. It wasn't like the usual British weather, instead it was blisteringly hot! Way too hot to be running around so much. I just wanted ice cream and a lie down. Being the extremely pale person that I am, I burnt my arms and a small ring around my neck. Reminder: put sun tan lotion on. I didn't expect it to be that sunny! That said, we still did some drills and played a game. There was a smaller turn out but new faces turned up so it was nice to meet some new people.

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So far it has been a great thing to get involved in! Just waiting to hear when the next session will be and hopefully I'll be able to make it, as long as I'm not on holiday. It's been great to get some use out of my hockey stick and keep up my fitness whilst playing a sport I have always loved!

This is the start to me doing good on my summer fitness goals!

Good bye for now!
- KC xx

Did you play hockey? What sports did you used to like playing?

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