Hey! Around 2 months ago, I did two posts (a part one and part two ) reviewing a few Avon Cosmetics products. I'm now back to revi...

Avon Cosmetics Cream Concealer Review


Around 2 months ago, I did two posts (a part one and part two) reviewing a few Avon Cosmetics products. I'm now back to review one of those products again in a little more detail.

Avon Cosmetics Ideal Flawless Cream Concealer

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Ideal Flawless Cream Concealer shades medium and light (not that you can tell very well in this photo).

When I first bought and tried out this cream concealer, my initial thoughts were that it was rather small. However, it was a good match to my skin tone and gave a good highlight underneath my eyes. I was rather impressed. Over a week or so of using it though, I found that, at certain times, it was a little too pale for my skin. Avon offer three shades: light, medium, and dark. Not much variety. Being very pale, I automatically chose the light shade and for the most it seemed to work. Just before my holiday, I began to run out and thought that it would be best to start a new one whilst I was away. This time, because of the offers, I decided to buy both light and medium.

What a great choice I made! In general the cream concealer blends extremely well, especially with my foundation. Trying out both of the shades helped me realised that most days, the light shade is actually perfect for me. That said, if I manage to get the slightest bit of a tan, like when I'm on holiday, something a bit darker works better. So far I mostly use the light shade.

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I'm a firm believer that even though something might be labeled as one thing, that doesn't mean it can't be used as another, especially in make up. I very often use a lip brush to apply eye shadow as eye liner on a daily basis. It just works a lot better for me than an actual eye liner pencil or pen would do. With this cream concealer, I found I wasn't using the medium shade as much and didn't want to waste it. At £7 each, it seems quite a bit for such a small amount. I began experimenting and I have found that it works as a great contour product. It's the correct shade to lightly blend in and give me a slightly more sun-kissed and finished look. As I mentioned, they do blend very well with a sponge!

There you go, remember to try other ways of using some make up! I was very impressed on the whole. I also found that the little pot has actually been lasting me quite some time and you don't need to put a lot on to cover up everything. I shall definitely be purchasing both shades again when I next need to and recommend the products to everyone! Give them a go! Avon really do seem to be getting their s*** together and are producing some great products!

Hope you find them to be as great as I did!
- KC xx

Have you tried Avon yet? What's your go-to concealer?

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