Hi! I'm not one for spending a lot of money. I'm the sort of person who'd rather save up for something I've been really...

Paris 01 Perfume Review


I'm not one for spending a lot of money. I'm the sort of person who'd rather save up for something I've been really wanting rather than buying lots of expensive of rubbish. So when buying things I try my best to find the bargains. I mean, who doesn't like a good bargain? There's no exception when it comes to beauty. 

Beauty isn't my specialty but as I'm trying to learn, I've been avoiding spending too much. For instance, I don't want to be spending a lot of money on a perfume when I don't wear them much. Finding cheaper perfumes that I can use whilst I get used to putting them on is the best for me. Granted, they may not last as long as the expensive ones but for the time being that's not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for something that I like the scent of really...

As a result of me buying inexpensive perfumes, I wanted to give a little review on one of the most recent ones I have bought!

Paris 01

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If you regularly shop at Primark then you may well have seen that they do a cosmetics range now. You can get all sorts. All your basic skin care, foundations, mascaras, make up brushes, etc. Including a variety of fragrances. After a quick sample, and I did actually buy the small £2 roller to try it out, I found myself buying Paris 01.

According to the box, Paris 01 is a "seductive and irresistible fragrance that combines sweet modern caramel and elegant white musk with sophisticated vanilla to create an incredible scent with depth and warmth". I will admit, I don't know where they got that from as I can't really smell any of that but I do quite like the scent. It's strong, don't get me wrong, but I find it to be the perfect fragrance for parties and fancy evenings out. A bit too strong for meals out though. Because it's so strong, you don't need to put a lot on so the 75ml bottle (cost me £6) lasts a very long time! Then again, I still don't use it very often so no wonder it lasts a long time.

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There may not be a strong vanilla or caramel scent but there's definitely a sweet smelling hint mixed in with that white musk. For the price I paid, it is great and I'd really recommend it. Or by all means, check out what other scents they have!

That's about all I can say for now!
See you again,
- KC xx

Have you tried any perfumes from Primark? Have you tried any of their beauty range?

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