Hey everyone! When it comes to footwear, I most be the most boring person ever. I have one box that fits under my bed that is full of b...

Summer Sandals

Hey everyone!

When it comes to footwear, I most be the most boring person ever. I have one box that fits under my bed that is full of black shoes. A couple of pairs of black heels (that I very rarely wear), some old boots, work/school shoes, walking boots, two pairs of trainers and some fake Converse. I will admit that my most recent pair of trainers are a bright turquoise colour and my fake Converse are maroon, but I don't tend to keep them in the box as I wear them most of the time. My shoes are boring. Even my sandals, gladiator style, are black. I buy on the basis that black goes with everything.

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So this year I am on a mission to not only brighten up my gym wear and general wardrobe, but I need to buy new summer shoes that I can wear on a daily basis. Or maybe a couple of pairs. Sandals in particular! I only have that one pair of gladiators which I've used to death on holidays so it's time to go sandal shopping!

Flat Sandals

I'd probably choose a pair of flats over heels any day. I just find them so much more comfortable and practical for everyday life. Knowing me, the second I put a pair of heels on, I'd fall down the stairs or trip over one way or another! I always worry though when it comes to buying a pair of sandals that I will never find a pair I particularly like as I used to struggle buying the right school shoes a lot. I've looked many times and never been that impressed, but this year I am really loving some of the latest styles! You can probably tell that I'm into straps! Gladiator style again, I guess. At least these ones are a lot more colourful than black! (You can roll your mouse over the pictures to see prices and where they are from, they are also clickable!*)

Heeled Sandals

I may choose flats for everyday life but I won't deny that I do love a good heel for any kind of event! Wedges are very comfortable if you find the right pair and I haven't had any in a few years now so I think it's about time I dip into my purse and get some new ones. I'm so used to choosing high heels when I'm going shopping for heels that I often forget that a mid heel even exists. It always surprises my how sophisticated a nice, chunky mid heel can look. They really do finish off that smart-casual look!

I have mostly managed to avoid blacks but after looking back at the ones I did choose, I seem to have gone for more nudes and browns. From this and previous posts, you can probably tell I'm loving the light pink nude colours and shades this year. My bank account isn't going to like it though! What do you think of the sandals I've picked out?

Hope you all are enjoying the sun when it decides to show it's face! Let's pray that this summer will cheer up and warm up so those freshly painted toesies can get some fresh air! 

- KC xx

What's your favourite type of shoe? Will you be buying some new sandals this year?

* This post contains affiliate links but all opinions are my own and all sandals are chosen by me!

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