Hey! One of the things I wanted to do as part of my 2016 bucket list , was to enter an obstacle race. A week later I was already updati...

Adrenaline Rush - Manchester 2016


One of the things I wanted to do as part of my 2016 bucket list, was to enter an obstacle race. A week later I was already updating everyone on how I signed up to the 5K Adrenaline Rush in Manchester. The race wasn't until August and considering how unfit I was, I begun my training. I started with my beginners obstacle race training and then worked up to trying to complete my summer fitness goals. My ultimate fitness goal of the year was to completely improve my fitness which has slowly been deteriorating over the past couple of years. Back in high school I did every kind of sport going. In my first year of college I did a lot of dancing, and therefore a lot of fitness, but then in my second year I didn't quite get to do as much so I took up aerobics every Monday night. Unfortunately I found it too difficult to fit it in to the rest of my studies so going to aerobics didn't last very long. After finishing college, I spent most of my time chilling in my bedroom until I finally got a part-time job and then it was only in the New Year that I decided it was about time I did something about my fitness slump. I wasn't necessarily gaining any weight but I felt unfit and mentally drained. Creating my bucket list and signing up for the Adrenaline Rush was my first step to getting up and moving.

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We arrived at Heaton around 12pm. I live around an hour away from Manchester so I have never been anywhere else in Manchester other than the city centre. Being able to go to such a beautifully massive park was a great day out in itself. After wandering around trying to find the start point of Adrenaline Rush, we eventually found it and began getting ourselves prepared. We collected our numbers and had our faces painted by the Macmillan volunteers and the 1pm heat was called over to the start line. 

There were so many people. A lot more than I expected! We all squished into the area where start line was marked out and began a quick warm up. A couple of minutes before one, the first 50 people were set off to start their 5K. Next, it was our turn and immediately we were up and down hill in a slow jog.

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Not exactly the most flattering photo but he's me tackling the monkey bars! I tried my best but had to let go half way because it hurt my hand way too much. Note to self: wear workout/weightlifting gloves next time I do an obstacle race!

On to the obstacles. Some were challenging, others were just a lot of fun. To begin with, there was the log walk balance (self explanatory) and from then the obstacles got tougher. To name a few, there was the Camouflage Nets, Barbed Wire Crawl, Inverted Wall Climb, and the Big Web. (You can read more about the obstacles here.) Many needed a lot of upper body strength but if you struggled, there was always someone there to encourage you or help you out. If you're in doubt, you're able to choose to pass on an obstacle. I loved how everything was up to you, so you could challenge yourself as much as possible or you could do it just for a bit of fun. I was there to do both, and that I did. 

We beat the quarter pipe in one try! YES! GO US!
I had so much fun completing the 5K Adrenaline Rush. For someone that has struggled building up my fitness, particularly my running (because of my asthma), I was very proud of myself to complete the entire course without giving up. To be honest, the obstacles were a nice, well-needed break from all the running. They gave you time to use a different part of your body and other muscles helping you regain energy in other places. There was a point where I was desperate for water but luckily at the next obstacle two angels that were marshals were there handing out free bottles of water, just when I needed some. Perfect timing!

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Not quite the big red balls that are on Total Wipe Out but they were close enough. I struggled more at the end trying to get back up onto the platform. I wasn't quite tall enough and my shoes where all slippery!
For the past year or two I have been really badly struggling with my right wrist (I'm right handed too) which I have been to the doctors multiple times for, and physio, and there has bee nothing they can do because an x-ray didn't show any abnormalities. I was very frightened that I wouldn't be able to take part in a lot of the obstacles because of it but on this day I strapped my wrist up using kinesiology tape and got on with it. Somehow, it felt like my wrist had healed and I was able to completely lift myself over walls, which Ed didn't think I'd be able to do. I was amazed and felt so good. It had bee so long since my wrist felt remotely normal. I don't know if it was the adrenaline rush or what but I was able to keep on going! Unfortunately as soon as I got back to work the following Wednesday, it started aching again. It was nice while it lasted.

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"I'm the king of the swingers!"
Overall I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Adrenaline Rush and for completing it we were given a proper fitness t-shirt with the Adrenaline Rush logo on the front, a medal and another bottle of water, which, again, we were desperate for. The weather was perfect for it, there was just enough mud, and I was knackered afterwards. That said, next time I'd like to try a 10K obstacle course to really challenge myself. Already in my gym sessions and running, I'm working my way up! I did get rope burn, or metal burn rather, from the monkey bars but it didn't stop me from carrying on. I am very proud of both myself and Edmond for completing our 2016 challenge. We have both been searching for our next challenge already! I definitely recommend taking part in the Adrenaline Rush when it comes to you next. I think the next ones will be all next years, but as soon as they are announced make sure you get your early bird tickets for big discounts! 

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There's me and my new gym t-shirt! 

adrenaline rush, fitness, obstacle race, 5k, running, jogging, sports
And there's both of us! 
Thank you to all the volunteers and to everyone who helped out at Adrenaline Rush! Perhaps I shall see you all again next year!

Until then, 
- KC xx

Have you ever done an obstacle race? What has been or will be you 2016 challenge? 

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