Good Afternoon everyone! Before I go off to uni I've been trying my best to make sure we actually get out of the house and go explo...

Day Trip to Grange-Over-Sands

Good Afternoon everyone!

Before I go off to uni I've been trying my best to make sure we actually get out of the house and go exploring. Whether that means walks in parks I've never been to or actually going out on mini road trips. Whatever it is, I just want to see more of my local areas before I'm 3 and a half hours away!

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Having a car for the past year has been the absolute best thing for me. I've been to places I would never have been able to get to without a very long bus journey and having the freedom to just jump in my car whenever gives me that sense of adulthood that I'm slowly moving in to. Last week, myself and Edmond had planned a day out but had no idea where to go. Knowing I had my car, we thought getting out of Lancashire and travelling North would be a good start. After talking to some Lake District fans, we planned to head to Grasmere for the day. The morning comes and unfortunately Ed (who doesn't drive and lives an hour away from me) struggled to get to mine early enough for us to be able to spend enough time in Grasmere. Whilst on the motorway we decided the best idea would be to literally be adventurous and take the next turn off and follow wherever it leads. We found ourselves on a very long dual carriage way no idea where we were heading and so again, just took the next turn off.

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Eventually, early afternoon, we found ourselves in a small Northern town called Grange-Over-Sands. Thinking I had heard of it, we parked up and went for a wander. 

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The Pay-and-Display car park we found was hidden between a bunch of small shops, cafes, and pubs, and the railway bridge. Unsure of where to go first we headed over to a small area covered over by trees, to see the train tracks. It was pleasantly beautiful. There was just something about the tracks that took you back a few hundred years. That was until Northern Rail sped past. We took some photos before walking back to the car to take off some layers. Who knew it could be so warm in England?!

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Walking under the bridge brought us on to the promenade and what a beautiful sight it was. The coastline was mostly grassy but when the tide came in, you could understand why there were flood caution signs up. The sea came right up to the railings. I was a bit worried about some of the dogs that were walking free nearby their owners. One dog in particular had this thing about walking on the opposite side of the railing. A sign showed us the way towards a cafe, recreation facilities, tennis, putting, skate park and best of all, crazy golf. It had been such a long since I played a proper game of crazy golf so that was where we were heading to.

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It was a nice lengthy walk to get to the crazy golf and park area, and on such a lovely day it was perfect. The sun was (mostly) shining so we were able to take it all in. I am so thankful for my new camera and I won't go anywhere without it now. 

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Crazy Golf time! We picked up our putters and golf ball and began attempting to get hole-in-ones. After such a lovely day, the wind was picking up quite viciously so it may not have be the perfect day for a spot of golf but, despite the forces being against us, we powered on defeating the plastic ducks, miniature castles and bridges, and whatever else was in the way of us and the hole. I started and with a bit of practice I could remember why I won the odd certificate on my holidays in the Dominican Republic. Then it was Ed's go. With little hand-eye coordination, he didn't quite succeed, and in his words, those plastic ducks were the bane of his life! It was so funny watching both our failed attempts. The final hole definitely proved to be a difficult one and we almost gave up. Ed went first trying the get the hole-in-one that you had to get, or else the ball would roll straight back down to the start. After at least 15 attempts, I had a go and luckily made it after about 6. Ed took more shots and finally we came to an end when we had both beaten the course. Some were harder than others, obviously, but I think we both could've done a whole lot better, had the weather been slightly less fierce.

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We made it out alive and off the promenade, back over the tracks to the town centre. There wasn't that much to see other than the clock tower and a couple of charity shops. There was a gorgeous smelling Chinese restaurant and a Spar across the road. Like you do on any warm day, we bought an ice cream each and decided it was time to go back to the car park. Driving away we saw a few little cafes that looked very nice but I had to get home ready for the largest outdoor screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens as part of Lytham Festival

What a lovely day out we both had. I got a bunch of videos too and we sat and watched all the golf ones today and we were still laughing at ourselves. Grange-Over-Sands is a beautiful little town if you fancy a visit. Perfect for families as there is the park and golf areas, but also we noticed a lot of people who didn't seem that local, like us, who had just brought their dogs for a walk out it is that nice!

I love days out like these and hopefully you'll be able to read more soon (when I can get time off work)!
Until then,
- KC xx

Have you visited Grange-Over-Sands? Is there somewhere you always like to go to on a little drive out?

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