Good Morning All! A couple of weeks back I received two packages in the mail that contained items to be reviewed. I got a 7 Day FaceTox...

FaceTox Review

Good Morning All!

A couple of weeks back I received two packages in the mail that contained items to be reviewed. I got a 7 Day FaceTox kit and a two week course of Mr Blanc's teeth whitening! Today I shall be reviewing the FaceTox set! Hooray!

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Firstly, I was very impressed to receive the full box. Initially I had no idea what to expect and this wasn't it. I love that it was all set out in this bright and colourful box that has all the information you need to know about the 7 day FaceTox, making it a great present to give to someone who loves a pamper night!

You get 7 sachets of rose water and 7 sachets of their mixed blend of clay powder, including a small mixing bowl and spoon. Supposedly the face mask will likely be the most powerful clay mask you'll ever try with it's Aztec healing abilities and 100% organic blend. It aims to prevent and draw out blackheads, reduce the appearance of scars, even skin tone, draw on external toxins, heal and regenerate skin tissue, and unclog and shrink pores. That's all according to the website. Now it was mine turn to give it a go.

How to use:

1. Use cleanser to get rid of all traces of make up.

2. Make sure face is completely dry.

3. Empty the contents of one organic rose water sachet and one FaceTox mixed blend clay powder sachet into the mixing bowl and mix together until they form a paste.

4. Use the spoon or hands to apply the paste to your face. (I found it easier to use the spoon because it stops it from getting all over your hands and it's easier to smooth out.)

5. Leave it to almost set for no longer than 30 minutes.

6. To clean it off, simply use warm water and a face cloth.

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It may not look particularly nice but that's what clay looks like I guess!


I'm going to make a little confession, this was the first face mask I have ever worn in my entire life, so when I talk about first impressions, I literally mean first. My first impressions were pretty good. It was easy to mix and there was plenty there (maybe even a little too much), it applied to my face smoothly and I could feel it working. I felt the pulling and tightening on my face and then after 30 minutes I went for the challenge of taking it off. Ok, so it wasn't really a challenge. I dampened the face cloth and gently rubbed my face and gradually bit began to break off. Once I figured it out, it came off very easily, and the more I used the face masks, the easier and quicker it got. I have quite sensitive skin so there was a lot of redness straight after taking it off. The box states that this is normal and it shall go within half an hour which it did. All was good, in fact all was great. I was really impressed by how fresh and smooth my skin felt. The few spots that I had, reduced in size and my incredibly patchy skin tone did seem to even out! Don't leave it on any longer than 30 minutes though because it will just continue to set and it may start to tighten your face more which will essentially hurt!

For optimal effect it suggests that you use it every day/night for a week which I tried but frankly, that can be quite difficult to fit into most peoples busy life times. I think it's a great thing to do maybe once a week or once a month and use other face masks in between to remoisturise. 

- It smoothed out my skin tone
- My skin felt completely exfoliated
- Reduces spots and blackheads
- You get a lot for you money (Buy it here for £24.99)

- Too much in one sachet for one person (great if you fancy a girly night with a friend though because you could probably get away with just using the one sachet for the both of you) and a lot got thrown away
- The rose water has a very strong smell which some may not like
- It's difficult to not smile and keep it from cracking (that's bound to happen with any clay mask though, and my mum kept making fun of me looking like a swamp monster!)

So not many cons then? And to add to the pros, it's suitable for all skin types, cruelty free, 100% organic (like I've said), contains no parabens, vegan friendly, and therefore 100% natural! There's just something about wearing a face mask that's all natural, it instantly makes you feel better and cleaner!

All good reviews from me! Since I didn't try it every day, I still have a couple of sachets left so I'm looking forward to a relaxing full on pamper night. Bath, face mask, painting my nails, you know? The works!

On their website, you can also buy boxes of 14 and 21 face mask sets, and konjac sponges.

Thank you FaceTox!

- KC xx

 Have you heard of FaceTox before? Would you give it a try?

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