Hey! I'm feeling so pumped and proud right now! I remember at the beginning of the year when I said I wanted to get fit and ultimat...

Fitness Update 2 - Runhunt and Gym Refurb


I'm feeling so pumped and proud right now! I remember at the beginning of the year when I said I wanted to get fit and ultimately train for my 5K Adrenaline Rush. I struggled to run with my asthma and hadn't actually done any proper exercise in a long time. I had put a bit of weight on over the past year and I'd managed to maintain it but I wasn't entirely happy. I wasn't feeling good in myself at all. I struggled a lot mentally as well as physically, so much so that I found myself repeatedly going to the doctors thinking something was wrong. 2016 has been a tough year but I've been making my way through it and now I can't wait for my next adventure at university.

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Over a month ago now I planned to do fitness updates to show you what I've been up to and also in hopes that you'll help keep me motivated but my last update was basically saying how I hadn't stuck to my training sessions, I hadn't been going to the gym as regularly as I'd hoped, etc. I didn't feel like I was doing well and when my Adrenaline Rush came round, I didn't feel entirely prepared. To my surprise, I conquered the course. I was so incredibly proud of everything I managed to achieve and I still look at my medal and wear my t-shirt with pride. Doing that race has got me even more motivated. 

We all need something to give us that boost to tell us to get off our bottoms and move. I thought it would be wanting to train for the race but I found that it was actually doing it. I now want to do more! Seriously, I've not stopped looking to see if I can actually get to them. I'm hooked. Unfortunately I don't think there will be any more this year, but I'll definitely be trying for the early bird tickets for next years events. I want to challenge myself even more. I managed the 5K race so now it's time for a 10K. I believe that I can do it!

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Lytham Runhunt Runners! (Source)
On July 28th, I joined a local 6 week running club called Lytham Runhunt. The idea was that we all run as a group and at certain points we must find clues hidden along our route. Unfortunately I had already missed the first two weeks but I threw myself in at the deep end trying to build up my running ability. I knew I'd struggle but I kept pushing myself. On my first session we did a relay and repetition race in teams and I felt like my stamina had already improved since earlier in the year. By the final session, my RunKeeper app proved that I smashed my all time personal record. I can't say I have ever run more than a 1.5 miles before this year. I managed the 5K and now I'm way on my way to completing a 10K!

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In the final Runhunt session we set off and just didn't stop! It was such hard work and I'm glad I have my little running belt that holds small water bottles because I desperately needed water. I'm so used to stopping for a little break but this time no one else took a break, so neither did I. In the end I had done 6.68KM! It the furthest I have ever done and the fasted too (as you can see from the screenshots above and below - ignore the most activities in a month, I've only just got the app)!

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Running in a group has kept me motivated and pushed me to better myself. I'd also definitely recommend downloading fitness related apps like Runkeeper to help document your activities. Seeing in figures exactly what I have done really does make me want to do better in the next week. 

My local gym has finally been refurbished and it looks fantastic. They've got all brand new equipment and LifeFitness machines that can link up to the LifeFitness app that can also track your activities. I can see myself doing a "Best Fitness Apps" post soon! Both of these two that I've mentioned allow you to work towards goals so they show you how close you are to achieving them!

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Overall, since I did my last fitness update, I feel like I have done very well. I am very proud of how I've improved my fitness. From struggling to do 1K at the beginning of the year to doing at least one 5K run, plus workouts at the gym, a week. Bring on that 10K! When I go to uni, I'm really hoping I can join the Dance Squad and the Hockey Team so I will definitely need to keep my fitness up for that! I've already been looking into gym memberships! Wish me luck! I like being able to give you an update by using these screenshots so during September I am going to post a little fitness update every Saturday as September shall be my Blog-A-Day Month, you'll be able to read more about that soon!

Until then...
- KC xx

How have you been doing with your fitness? What's your motivation?

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