Hi all! There can be many perks to being a blogger and the main one has got to be the opportunity to gain free stuff for reviews, and w...

Great British Cake Toppers

Hi all!

There can be many perks to being a blogger and the main one has got to be the opportunity to gain free stuff for reviews, and when this free stuff is food, I'm all over it! Earlier last week I received an email asking if I would like to review some cupcakes. I am not going to say no to free cakes!

Similarly to BakerDays, Caketoppers offer a cake by post delivery service allowing you to order personalised cakes online and get them delivered the very next day. They specialise in all cakes and cupcakes with edible printed icing toppers. For the purpose of the review I was offered two cupcakes to be delivered to my door personalised in any way that I wanted.

The Olympics may now be over but we are still celebrating how brilliantly all our athletes and Olympians did. With 67 medals overall, 27 gold, 23 silver, 17 bronze, we finished second in the table behind the USA, making it one of the best Olympics Britain have ever seen. I've always been a lover of sports but not one for watching it, and even I found myself glued to my BBC Sport app, constantly checking up on how we were doing. My favourite sport to do is hockey so you can imagine how over the moon I was to watch the ladies GB hockey team power through each match to come out undefeated and win that gold medal!

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This weekend, August 27th, marked the Nation's Biggest Sports Day as everyone got involved for #IamTeamGB, showing their continued support for our Olympians and taking part in some sports we may never have thought about before. It was a day for everyone to try something new and that's what we did. (Be around on Friday so see what I did!) Also, the Paralympics begin September 7th so we all need to continue our support for GB's best of the best in sports!

To continue this support I thought it would be a good idea to get my cupcakes personalised with the GB logo and Union Jack, making these cakes perfect for any sporting occasion and a Great British tea or street party! You know how much us Brits love our cakes (clearly shown by our love for GBBO)!


My favourite part of the review. The tasting of the cakes. My boyfriend was over so I promised him that he could have one of them. That said, I made sure I got to try both flavours that I was given. I chose the vanilla cupcake and I was incredibly impressed. I took my first bite with a "mmm" and enjoyed every last crumb! It was deliciously soft and fluffy, and not too dry. In fact they were quite moist and just how I think cakes should be. Edmond loved his chocolate cake too. He couldn't stop saying how nice it was until he'd finished. I stole a tiny bite and I must say that it was the loveliest chocolate cake I've had in a long time. It was light, fluffy and moist like the vanilla cake. The printed icing was perfectly in the middle on top of and generous layer of buttercream. I loved how it was a generous layer too because you often find that buttercream is simply used to stick things to the cake but it was like it was part of the cake!

Overall, I loved the cakes and want to say a BIG thank you to Caketoppers for sending them to me. The cakes make for a great Team GB celebration but of course they can be used for all sorts of occasions from birthdays to corporate events. You can buy just a few or buy hundreds, depending on the size of your event! I definitely recommend checking them out! They were really lovely to work with and even sent me a little thank you card and a little present for my readers:

Use discount code 'KIRA10' to receive 10% off your order!

Hope you enjoy them just as much as I did!
- KC xx

How have you been supporting our Team GB? Which do you prefer: vanilla or chocolate cakes?

* As mentioned, I received the cakes in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own!

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