Welcome Back! You may not have noticed but I took the week off, and what a hectic week it has been. I spent Sunday afternoon going over...

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Welcome Back!

You may not have noticed but I took the week off, and what a hectic week it has been. I spent Sunday afternoon going over everything that has happened and everything that I did this past week and the list seemed to keep going on! I'm so glad I took the week off my blogging because if I hadn't I really don't know how I would've survived! Now Monday is back though, it's time to power on at full speed as I'm determined to grow my blog to a pretty good standard before I head off to uni!

Just at a glance, here's what I've been up to over the past week:

Sunday - St Annes Kite Festival
Monday - Work (went home ill with a terrible migraine)
Tuesday - Work then The Shires concert
Wednesday - Drove to Grange-Over-Sands then outdoor screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Thursday - Got my student bank account then chilled because I still wasn't feeling very well
Friday - Went to see Suicide Squad then Lawson concert
Saturday - Went to Heaton Park, Manchester and completed the 5K Adrenaline Rush then picnic on The Green listening to Bryan Adams live at Lytham Festival
Sunday - Well needed lie in but then went and did some shopping!

Over the coming week/weeks, you can guarantee I will be writing about everything but for now I'm going to start at the beginning!

St Annes Kite Festival

If you don't know where St Annes is, then it's about a 10 minute drive south of Blackpool, along the coastline. Also known as Lytham St Annes but us locals tend to separate the two, into Lytham and St Annes-On-Sea, for unknown reasons. There is also Ansdell in between so it probably has something to do with that.

Here on the Fylde Coast, it seems like every week there is a festival at the moment, if not every day. Last Sunday was the start of it all!  (Although all the events are completely separate from each other.) Each year, on the beach front, hundreds of avid kite flyers descend on the promenade to show off their flying skills or their creative kite designs. Each year it seems to be getting bigger and bigger with a local fringe music festival popping up all round the town! I can't say I have ever seen St Annes so busy. 

Despite living here all my life, this year was the first time I have decide to go and see what's going on. Ed and I took a little drive out and, after surprisingly finding a parking space quite quickly, were able to head on over to the beach with our sunglasses on and cameras in hand.

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The weather was absolutely perfect for the event. Sunny and warm but windy enough to get those kites high in the sky! Everyone was out taking strolls along the beach, eating their ice creams, building sand castles, it was simply such a perfect day. I can't explain how much I enjoyed myself!

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The festival was on throughout the weekend but choosing to go on Sunday (not that I had a choice because I had to work on Saturday) felt like the best idea because of Samba Sunday where Poco Loco and the World Wise Samba Band lead a procession down the promenade and then onto the beach. What a way to get in the Rio 2016 mood?! Being a huge lover of anything remotely Caribbean, I absolutely loved the costumes and of course the music. It immediately makes me feel ten times better! One day I want to be in a Caribbean carnival myself!

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St Annes beach was the perfect setting for such an event. Everything felt like a proper traditional British beach holiday, one I have never really been on. Not only did all the families bring out their buckets and spades, but the kids could ride a donkey along the beach just like in the "good ol' days". The Stage Company were also there with Mark Daniels (who I got to meet at the Lytham Sportfest interview day!) on the mic introducing everyone and getting people involved! The stage was also were live music was played but unfortunately we didn't get to see any while we were there.

Onto the kites:
kite festival, wind, travel, st annes, beach, music, lytham, fylde, blackpoolkite festival, st annes, fylde, beach, coast, lifestyle, travel, lytham, blackpool

How amazing they were! As a child I used to love the idea of going down to the beach and flying my kite but I don't remember doing it very often at all so I guess it's one thing I regret not doing enough of as a kid. So, getting the opportunity to see so many monster-sized kites was phenomenal! There were so many with such vibrant colours and designs. Giant dragons, life-like birds, and even a little teddy bear flying his own kite!

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This bear actually moved in the wind making it look like it really was flying the kite, amazing!

I was so fascinate I came home with hundreds of photos that I wish I could show you so I'm working on a slideshow that I can add to the end of this blog post! What a fantastic day out for everyone! Everyone I saw seemed to be thoroughly enjoying it. There were smiles everywhere! I can't wait until next years kite festival now! 

The St Annes Kite Festival was just the start of the local festivals going on. Monday brought us the start of Lytham Festival! More on that soon! It's also the 40s Festival this weekend too!

So much going on and I'm sure you'll get to hear all about it! Keep up to date on my twitter and instagram! (kiralcurtis)

See you soon!
- KC xx

Is there anything going on near you? Did/Do you love flying kites?

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