Hey! After my Lytham Sportfest post got put on the Lytham Life and Style Blog , I have been keen to help out and write more posts for ...

The Shires at Lytham Festival


After my Lytham Sportfest post got put on the Lytham Life and Style Blog, I have been keen to help out and write more posts for the website, essentially becoming a regular guest blogger. Along with founder, Denize, and fellow guest blogger, Alexandra, we were fortunate enough to receive free tickets to go to Lytham Festival on the first week of August. We had two tickets per event so we took it in turns to go see what we could in order to get a well-rounded experience of the full festival. I got tickets for The Shires and Lawson, who both performed on the Pavilion Stage, and also the screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the West End Proms, both at the Main Proms Stage. Of course like any freebies us bloggers may get, it's only right I do reviews and round ups, etc. Which is great because I have so much to say!

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First up was The Shires. I went to see the English country duo with my Mum with no idea what to expect. I'm the sort of person who likes all kinds of music but I do only really listen to one type (80s rock with some Imagine Dragons and X Ambassadors thrown in) so it's very rare for me to actually go to a country style gig. I will say straight away though that I was very impressed. The duo, Crisse and Ben, were very bubbly and great performers, immediately getting the crowds up and dancing! The entire room was jam packed and I didn't see a single person not tapping their feet or waving their hands in the air. What I loved was that the age range was non-existent. Everybody from kids with their parents to the elderly men and women jamming whilst sat down on a stool. There was someone from every generation showing how real good modern day country music really can bring everyone together!

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Opening for The Shires was local singer-songwriter Robbie Cavanagh. What a fantastic choice of a support act. Robbie Cavanagh performed with a band and despite being undiscovered by this particular audience, it didn't take everyone very long to warm up to him. At times, he stripped it back to just him and his guitar for a little acoustic session. It was beautiful! Cavanagh currently has his debut record out now called 'The State of Maine' which actually sold out on the night. I didn't manage to get one for myself but I definitely will be doing very soon!

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It was such a great night and I am so thankful that I got the tickets, because I wouldn't have gone if I didn't. Next time I see that The Shires or Robbie Cavanagh are in town, I will definitely be getting tickets! What a fab night I had! My Mum really enjoyed herself too! All the musicians on stage were incredibly talented and brilliant singers. Crisse Rhodes and Ben Earle's voice blend perfectly and Robbie Cavanagh had one of those soft mellow voices that you could listen to all day. I definitely recommend you check out both acts and their music!

Thank you to Cuffe and Taylor, and their PR company for the free tickets!
There will be more about Lytham Festival coming soon!
See you then!
- KC xx

Do you listen to any country music? Have you heard of The Shires? 

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