Hola!  By now you should know that I'm pretty much obsessed with Mexico. So far I have been 6 times and I still absolutely love it....

5 Things to do in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico


By now you should know that I'm pretty much obsessed with Mexico. So far I have been 6 times and I still absolutely love it. I could quite easily keep on going back. There is so much culture and history to learn about and be a part of and even though I've only been to one area, there's still so much to see and do just there. And that area is Playa Del Carmen!

Playa Del Carmen is about an hours transfer from Cancun Airport and there are a lot of hotels to choose from. I'd recommend staying for at least two weeks in Playacar, particularly Clubhotel RIU Tequila if my review is anything to go by! Being in this area puts you in the middle of everything you could possibly want on the Caribbean coast of Mexico. You have shopping, beaches, Mayan ruins, advernture parks and it's not too far away from the world renowned nightlife. Not that you need to go there for a night life, Playa Del Carmen has it's own, and trust me, it's fantastic!


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1. Tulum Mayan Ruins - If you're looking for a bit of history, Mexico is the perfect place. All over the country you will find archelogical sites where Aztecs or Mayans once lived. In our most recent visit, we went on a trip to the Tulum Mayan Ruins (you can read about it here) and we were blown away with how vast the civilisation was who once lived there. It was also beautifully surrounded by white beaches and the weather was scorching hot as usual - people walk around the site in their bikinis and swim shorts because it's that hot! Make sure you're wearing plenty of sun tan lotion and have lots of water because there's barely any shade and a lot of walking. Well worth it though!

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2. 5th Avenue - I love to buy souvenirs on holiday! Having something that reminds me of my trip that I can take home is essential wherever I go! I do have quite a few from Mexico now so every time I go, I try to find something new. The best place to get souvenirs is down 5th Ave. It's a short taxi away from the hotel we stay at and a lovely afternoon walk. Although it gets more and more modern each time I go, it's still a lovely place to visit and buy your souvenirs from as among the bigger chain shopping malls there are little shack-like traditional shops where you can get the best deals and weirdest ornaments. There's also loads of bar and restaurant perfect for a lunch time meal or a fancy night out. I definitely recommend the Tequila Barrel! It's very traditional, lovely staff and there's free wi-fi! 

At night time the entire atmosphere changes as all the nightclubs and bars open for business. There's a particular street that runs adjacent through 5th Ave that you won't want to miss. Coco Bongo's is at one end and the Blue Parrot is at the other. Every Sunday you can go to a foam party on the beach! Most night clubs offer a open bar and a great mix of Mexican and modern music.

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3. X-PLOR - Only about 15 minutes away from our hotel is one of Mexico's top adventure parks that has the highest zip-line in Latin America! I couldn't wait and it was top on our list to do! It can be a lot of money but if you have the money in peso ready you can book you trip a lot cheaper at the little excursions shop in the Playacar market, next door to Starbucks. Your ticket is access all areas and all inclusive off food and most definitely worth all the money! There's everything from zip-lines and ATVs to rafting and swimming in caves. It was such an amazing experience and we've already said we'd go back! We need to go back because my SD card stopped working in my GoPro so I didn't get any footage (hence the no photo)

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4. Walk along the beach - It seems like an obvious thing in a place that is surrounded by luscious white sandy beaches but it's not always something we do. As much as you can lounge around, drinking cocktails or go for a swim on the beach, it's not very often you explore elsewhere so this time we walked on to the beach and turned left and kept of walking, following the line of the sea. What we found was even more beautiful that we could have ever expected. There's a little rocky area right at the other end that leads on to a jungle. There's signs up telling people not to enter so we didn't go any further but the views from the rocks was stunning! There is also a lot of nature and wildlife around so we got to see lots of iguanas, lizards, crabs, and birds. On the way there is a turtle conservation area so if you're there at the right time of year, you can see all the baby turtles!

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5. Coba, Mayan Ruins - A little further south than Tulum, the Mayan ruins continue but the two sites are completely different. At Coba you can hire bikes to cycle around to the different areas as it's so big. Tickets to enter were 60 pesos each (£3) and we then paid 45 pesos to hire two bikes. That's pretty good don't you think (the taxi transfer it a bit dearer but you can go as a part of a trip or get the bus)? Coba is full of grand structures hidden away in the jungle surrounded by wildlife. The detail on all the buildings is phenomenal! At the centre of the site is the great Nohoch Mul pyramid which you can climb to the top of and what an experience to do so! Once you reach the top, you can see right above all the trees and witness the giant butterflies floating in the wind (or lack of)!

So there you are, 5 things to do in Mexico! There are so many more things to do but even I'm yet to do them to get the photos, but I hope to soon. Mexico really is a beautifully cultured country and I definitely recommend you visit and try to see as much as you can!

I hope Mexico has been added to your travel bucket list!

- KC xx

What sort of trips do you like to go on? Have you ever been to Mexico?

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