Hello! Are you all having a good week? I certainly am! I had a pretty chilled out Sunday and Monday then spent the day with Ed on T...

Autumn Fashion Wish List


Are you all having a good week?

I certainly am! I had a pretty chilled out Sunday and Monday then spent the day with Ed on Tuesday. Both of us went out into town and met up with some of our old friends from drama at college. It was such a lovely night and I absolutely loved getting to see them all again. It's amazing how much you miss people when you haven't seen them for over a year! That same night (Tuesday) I also found a pound in the coin drawer of a self service machine. Just when I thought that was lucky, the next day I found out I had won £128 on the Selfie Lottery! I didn't even know it worked! But this just proves it does so if you want to sign up, it's free!, simply click here. I also only have three more days at work (two after today) since I finish on Saturday. I can't believe it will be my last time working there after 3 years! I am so glad to be moving on. And I will literally be moving a week on Saturday!

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It just shows how fast time really can go. Next thing we know, it will be Christmas. Sorry, I shouldn't say that word. We still have Halloween first and the whole of Autumn. Speaking of Autumn, my favourite month, I wanted to do a bit of a fashion wishlist since I'm seriously in need of new clothes and Autumn clothes are always my favourite. It's the colours that I love! I wear burgundy and grey all year round but at least it looks normal in Autumn!


autumn, fashion, tops, t-shirts, jumpers, boxy, clothes, cosy, burgundy, maroon, orange, tan, mustard
Oversized Boxy Top - £9High Neck Crop Top - £6, Easy T-Shirt - £7
I'm always looking for new tops. Every summer I buy all kinds of cami tops ready for going on holiday but then as soon as the temperature drops, I struggle to find anything to wear. I have to asmit, my favourite kinds are boxy; something thats really comfy and casual. That said, anything with a turtle neck has to somehow end up in my wardrobe! 


jeans, denim, trousers, bottoms, fashion, autumn, season, orange, tan, black, skinny jeans, skinnies
Ripped Knee Tube Jeans - £18, Nine in the Morning Denim Trousers - £22, Dark Orange Regular Fit Jeggings - £20Dr Denim Super Skinny Jeans - £40

I'm forever wearing a pair of jeans, usually a pair of black skinnies. So I thought that this Autumn should be the time where I expand my wardrobe choices and choose something with a bit more colour. I really do love those khaki colour skinnies! Even a pair of blue denim would be different to what I normally wear! (I did squeeze those black skinny jeans on the end though, oops!)

Jeans, denim, levis, autumn, season, fashion, clothes, clothing, trousers
Rigid Mom Jeans - £32Skinny Ankle Grazer Jeans - £21, Sadie Relaxed Skinny Jeans - £16


autumn, fashion, season, jackets, coats, bomber jackets, style
Lightweight Zipped Sleeve Pocket Bomber Jacket - £30, Tan Bomber Jacket - £22, Vera Moda Zip Bomber Jacket - £40

Earlier this year I suddenly had a love for bomber jackets. There was just something about them that made them perfect lightweight jackets for the summer, that was in my head anyway. A month or so later I had gone off them until recently when I found a thin black bomber jacket for £9.99 on Select and thought it was a really good price. So, of course I bought it and really loved it when it arrived. It fits perfectly and has now got me looking at others, in a different colours!


Bags, fashion, autumn, seasonal, orange, tan, suitcase, luggage, backpack, briefcase
French Connection Bag - £36, H Over H Day Bag - £38 (top), Women's Carla Clutch - £11.30 (bottom), Small Front Bar Detail Backpack - £28

I'm in desperate need of a new bag! I managed to get myself a new small one for going out to a restaurant or something like that, nothing too fancy, and then my mum bought me a new big big one, one that will fit a folder in for university. However, my in between bag then went and broke on me. Typical. I've been catching up on a lot of Pretty Little Liars recently and I've noticed spencer wearing these kind of back packs and I actually really like them. They look stylish and it stops you from getting that annoying and awkward shoulder pain on one side, this balances the weight instead! I always base the right size bag on whether or not it can fit a book. I always like to have a book on me at all times!


autumns, fashion, boots, shoes, laces, black boots, heels, sandals
Aliza Suede Lace Up Ankle Boots - £40, Reckon Suede Ankle Boots - £27

I know there's not many boots on my wish list (that's mainly because I've been wearing Converse style shoes a lot) but I'm really loving these suede ankle boots. The heels aren't too big which is perfect for me! I really need to pick up a pair and they go so well with jeans for everyday wear or for going out!

Well, that's my wish list (so far). Just wait until I get my student loan and student ID for discounts and I will be updating my wardrobe! It definitely needs it! I know Autumn is not quite here yet but I'm definitely getting ready. Although, I wish the British weather would make it's mind up because at the moment I am way too hot! Please just stay hot or cold, I don't care as long as it's not chucking it down all the time!

I'm off to look for more clothes now...
See you later!
- KC xx

What's on your wish list? Have you started wearing your Autumn clothes yet?

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