Happy Sunday Everyone! If you didn't know already (you may know from reading yesterday's post ), I had my last day at work yest...

Essentials to do Before Uni

Happy Sunday Everyone!

If you didn't know already (you may know from reading yesterday's post), I had my last day at work yesterday. After three years there, it's finally time to move on with my life. For most of this year I've been completely stuck in a rut not knowing what I want to do and just having loads of interested that I didn't know what to do with. I had ideal worlds which including me getting a new job and working my way up (possibly in the travel industry), getting into a drama school, auditioning for roles and getting into theatre that way, travelling the world, becoming a full-time blogger and getting my own house, etc. No matter how hard I tried in whatever direction, something just wasn't quite right. I'm only 19 so I don't feel like I should be suddenly deciding on a full-time career and lifestyle right now! I want to explore my interests in drama and travel and see where they take me so eventually I decided it was time for me to apply to university and now my whole life is about to change!

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This time next week, I will have spent my first night in my new home. I have the week off this week. I've left my job so I no longer have that to worry about so I literally have this week to relax a little. Meet some friends, do some exercise, blog, and read my book. (I'm currently reading Winter by Marissa Meyer, part 4 of the Lunar chronicles, and I'm loving it! I definitely recommend you give them a read if you haven't done already!) Of course I have to pack and get everything ready for the big move on Saturday morning. It's a three and a half hour drive, not including breaks, so I don't want to be leaving anything I need behind. A lot of organising it going to be going on this week, which is good because it helps clear my head. That said, I wanted to do a little list of the essentials that I need to get done.


In my week off, here's everything I need to do:

Organise my days - Make sure I have plenty of time to get everything done and figure out what needs to be done on what day and by when!

Write and check over lists - I already wrote a long list of everything I need to take with me. Now it's time to start making sure everything is packed I need to check over everything to make sure I've got it. I need to also write a list of everything that I use in my bedroom at the moment that I need to take with me (including my laptop, mirror and lamp).

Plan Route - As I said, it's a long journey so, although I will be following my Dad down in my own car, I need to have a back up plan and printed off routes just in case I lose him. It will also help me get to know the area a bit more for when I need to come home on my own.

Print off important documents - I am moving straight into student housing so, just in case, I need to print off my housing contract. I will also need to print of my student finance details and car insurance/break down cover information. All this will then be stored away in a folder in my room but at least I've got it for when I need it. I am hopefully getting my timetable and reading list soon so printing those off would be a good idea. (I like having things printed off, good job I'm taking a printer with me!)

Sort a TV license out - Both me and one of my housemates are taking our TVs because I don't think we are given one. To watch IPlayer and, legally, netflix I need to have a TV license so all this needs to be sorted out!

Plan Freshers - I already have a rough guide of what nights I want to go out but I still need to buy tickets and costumes for the themed night. I must admit, I do already have my 80s roller disco costume sorted (neon tutu, leg warmers and jewelry, and a "Choose Life" t-shirt)!

Get all my clothes washed - Just like when you're going on holiday, you only wear the clothes you're not bothered about up until you go. This will be a little more difficult as I will be wearing my normal clothes when I'm here and when I'm there and I'll still need to take what I wear this week with me. I need to have a rough idea what I want to wear for my first week so I can get that washed before I go instead of having to wait a while to do a full load of washing.

Other things to do include getting started on my reading list and selling unwanted stuff on the online carboots or on ebay so I can earn a little bit of money before I go! I have already started one book on my reading list but I've not got that far so I need to set some proper time to carry on with it!

Of course I still need to PACK CLOTHES AND EVERYTHING ELSE which I think will be a gradual thing over the week.

I can't wait to start a fresh new life and lifestyle. Here's to the future!

- KC xx

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