Hey! As promised, I wanted to do a quick fitness update on each Saturday night to show what I've been up to during the week. The ma...

Fitness Update - September Week 1


As promised, I wanted to do a quick fitness update on each Saturday night to show what I've been up to during the week. The main idea of it really is to motivate me, because obviously I don't want to be showing you that I've done nothing. However, you just might get motivated too. You never know. I do often find fitness updates and weight loss updates on other blogs very motivating as I kind of feel like I want to join in. Either way, here is my update from the first week in September!

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I began the week at Lytham Sportfest where my main role was to take photos and post live updates on their Twitter page but on the Sunday there wasn't as many people around at 3pm as the MetaFit class was starting so I was dragged into joining in. I say "dragged" like I was forced but really I had already said I was up for anything. I should've chosen my words more carefully! If you don't know what MetaFit is, it's an intense workout session that lasts around 30 minutes. There's a warm up and cool down (with stretching) and about 22 minutes of full on workout in between. You're shown 7 main moves and 4 abs workouts which are shuffled up into a routine. It most definitely was intense and you have very little time to get your breath back, so when you do get the odd 15 seconds, you need to make the most of it! It's hard work and you definitely feel the burn during and after but it is said that MetaFit really will change your body. I reckon I burned around 300 calories! I did find it a little difficult because I have a bad wrist but the instructor was very nice and made it do-able for all abilities!

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I've been trying to burn at least 1000 calories a week from exercise, whether that be at the gym, going out for a walk or run, or taking a class, but unless I manage to go to the gym quite a bit, it's been a little difficult with everything going on. So I decided it was about time I set myself a much more realistic goal that I can then build on. This weeks goal was 800 calories and as you can see above, I achieved it!

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I managed to get to the gym once and I did what felt like a very good strength day, working on my arms and legs. I also did a bit of ab work too. I have noticed quite a bit recently at how my arms and legs are looking a lot more toned than then were this time last year so it's great to actually see some results. It's a very good motivation! The amount of kg I do on most areas has increased by at least 10kg too so I can really tell I'm getting stronger!

I feel a little disappointed in myself this week as I've not had chance to go to the gym much and then when I did have chance, I came down with a little chest infection thing, at least that's what it felt like. That said I did a lot of walking. I walked to work on Monday and Tuesday this week instead of getting a lift and it's about 1k each way and then went out for a good 2 hour walk on Thursday, which was nice to get some fresh air. It was such lovely weather so I regret to say that I did have an ice cream along the way but I walked it off (I think). I haven't been snacking as much as normal and when I have felt hungry I had a yoghurt or a banana. I'm trying to eat as healthy as possible.

Overall, I'm still very impressed with how far I've come and will continue to work towards my goals. Unfortunately, my gym membership has now run out which was a bit unexpected, and with two week to go before I move, there's not much point in my getting another. It is very expensive to pay as you go at my gym so I'm going to avoid going and do more fitness at home. I have a few workout apps I shall use and I want to go out more on runs!

Until next week!
- KC xx

Do you find fitness updates motivating? How have you done with your fitness this week? 

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