Hello I thought I was doing so well after my week 1 update but this week has been the total opposite.  I mentioned that my gym mem...

Fitness Update - September Week 2


I thought I was doing so well after my week 1 update but this week has been the total opposite. 

I mentioned that my gym membership had run out and I've always found it difficult to motivate myself at home. No matter how many alarms I set or people I tell to remind me, I can never get myself out of my "office" (really just my bed but with my laptop on my knee doing blogging stuff) because I feel like I have other important stuff to do. I have so far managed to keep up my Blog-a-Day month which I am very proud of and my stats across my blog and social media really are improving, but my fitness level is decreasing.

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I haven't actually been out on a run in two weeks and now I haven't been to the gym in over a week. Instead this week has been spent sorting my blog and, kind of, my life out. Today was my last day at work and a week today, I move into my new house so it's all been happening. Trying to fit everything in has been difficult (especially since I've been working 9 til half 5 for the past three days and when I get home my whole body aches from standing up all day). I can finally get a bit of rest now and begin my packing before the big move!

It's not quite what I had hoped to do but I did manage to squeeze in a half an hour workout that I made Ed do with me using my Sworkit app. It's such a great app to use at home and especially when you simply just want to do a bit of a workout, whatever it is. That way, you can mix it up and choose different activities. I'm hoping to use the app more as I get myself more motivated again.

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My one workout session that I managed to fit in this week...

I haven't been eating well this week either. In between a KFC, going out for a pub meal with my parents (I will confess that I did have a vanilla ice cream honeycomb explosion for desert - it was lovely though), and a bar of chocolate my Dad has just bought me for finishing my last day at work, I've been feeling quite fat. I've not necessarily put any weight on, I just feel fat because of all the fatty and stodgy foods I had. This needs to change.

I have this week off now before I do move so I need to start looking after myself more. I know I already have a run planned for Tuesday evening so I feel better knowing that but for the times in between and around that, I need to set myself some goals so my week 3 fitness update looks a whole lot better!


- Use my Sworkit App everyday and do at least 15 mins of an activity
- Create a week by week fitness routine
- Go for a run at least twice
- Do at least two bootcamp style workouts
- Do at least two intensive arm and leg workouts
- Smash my calories burnt goal
- Eat in moderation

Those seem like reachable goals, right? I can do this! I need to do this for my own health and mind. I had been doing so well. I think I've mentioned this before but I hoping to join the hockey team at university so I definitely need to up my fitness level if I'm going to be training every week and playing matches! I actually can't wait!

Bring on this next week and the weeks to come!

- KC xx

What sort of things have you been eating this week? Do you feel bad after you eat lots of unhealthy food?

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