Hey! Now I've moved in to my new house at university and relatively settled in, I thought it was about time to go back over the pas...

Gap Year Review


Now I've moved in to my new house at university and relatively settled in, I thought it was about time to go back over the past year and figure out everything I actually managed to do!

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At the end of A levels I thought it was the best idea to have a gap year to allow me to get a well needed break from education. I'm the sort of person who puts a lot on herself and when it comes to working and studying, it's no different. In my first year of college, I took up the equivalent to 5 A levels, giving my no free periods whatsoever. I did then drop one for second year but clever me then took up an EPQ. The Extended Project Qualification requires you to essentially create something (that could be a dissertation or a physical thing) and do a lot of work, most of which has to be done in your spare time as it's very much an independent study thing. I decided to do a lot of research, write a play, put on the play, and do all the lighting, sound, directing and costume. It was the most amount of work I have ever done in my life, something I'm very proud of. When I was finally finished, including completing an 11,000 word evaluation and a half an hour presentation (it was supposed to be 15 mins but I couldn't narrow anything down because I had done so much), I was physically and mentally knackered, to say the least. I just about pushed myself through the rest of my A levels and then I don't think my brain could handle any more. So I took that gap year.

At first, I had no plans. I knew I was going to Mexico in June and I would then want to go again the next year but I just planned to work. Thinking back on it, I don't feel like I had a proper gap year to "find myself" like most people would expect, I just feel like all I did was work. So, to attempt to prove myself wrong, I'm going to write a list of everything I actually managed to achieve!

Here goes nothing:


  •  I was offered at least two jobs - I spent months applying for jobs and I got offered a job from every interview I went to. I turned them all down though because the job I had then offered me more hours and a pay rise!
  • I published my own script! - I was so proud of my EPQ that I published it onto Kindle and then in paper back! (You can buy it here and here!)

  • I receive 3A*'s and 2B's at A level and a B at AS level on results day! - Results day was during my gap year, so it counts right?!
  • I travelled to Mexico on my first holiday alone (without parents) - And what a fantastic holiday it was! (You can read a bit about it here!)
  • Got to see Scouting For Girls! - One of my all time favourite bands were on at Lytham Festival 2015 and I was lucky enough to get tickets for my birthday!

  • I had a two night trip to Liverpool! - Some of my first travel related blog posts were about Liverpool! I'd love to go back!
  • I got my first item to review for my blog! - I tried and tested InstaNatural products and I have managed to keep things up and I am regularly getting things to review still!
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  • Passed my driving test with 3 minors! - Took me long enough. Third time lucky. (Technically fourth as my first test was cancelled.)
  • I raised money for Stand up to Cancer! - I held a giveaway and did a few other things and managed to raise £101.54!
  • Took a trip to Edinburgh - I didn't get to see that much because we were there for the Christmas Markets but it was a lovely weekend trip!
  • Visited Waltham Abbey and spent the weekend in London - We stayed in Essex but got on the train to see some of London's top attractions. (Can't believe I never did a post about this so watch out for another September Travel Tuesday!)
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  • Got to see my current favourite band X Ambassadors live! - Best present ever off Edmond! Such an amazing gig in Manchester!
  • Bought myself a gym membership - This was a big thing for me because over the past year I've managed to get myself motivated to be fit and this was the first step!
  • Went traveling around Crete! - What a surprise and fantastic holiday to somewhere I had never been to. 
  • Went to Mexico for a second time! - Again, amazing holiday! We got to do so much more!
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  • Drove to Lancaster to see The Hobbit - Set in a beautiful park! What a night!
  • I've been to see a number of other shows too! - Including Joseph, Miss Nightingale
  • Became a blood donor - I have to wait until I'm 20 to actually donate though!
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  • Completed Adrenaline Rush - Considering I was incredibly unfit at the beginning of the year, I was able to complete my first obstacle course race over the summer. It won't be my last!
  • I have done A LOT of walking! - Who knew there were such beautiful places to walk by near me?!
  • Day trip to Grange-Over-Sands - Last minute decisions took us on a drive up north to a lovely little town!

Not too bad, eh?! Listing everything like this really shows just how much I really did. I didn't quite manage to learn the guitar like I wanted to, or write a book, but those were a bit too ambitious for me. I did however get to go out and explore new places both in Britain and across the world. It might not be backpacking across China or anything like that but I did go on a jeep safari up into the mountains of Crete! I will go backpacking one day, maybe even next year. But for the time being I proud to say I did all these things over the past year! Who else, at the age of 19 can say they went to Mexico twice in one year and paid for it all herself (and Crete)!

Oh, I forgot to mention...

I bought my own domain and redesigned my blog into what now is kiralcurtis.com! 

Although I had been blogging on and off (mostly off as it was like once a month) I managed to get myself into a proper routine to write and promote post which has meant my stats have tripled and are ever increasing! When I first got my domain, my DA was 11 and in a matter of months it has jumped up to 18, so close to the 20 mark! All fingers crossed for the next moz update. I'm incredibly proud at how I've kept up my blogging and the quality of my content. I'm starting to receive paid offers and more items to review so it just show how hard work can really pay off!

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I got into university!

Here I am now in student housing waiting for my first real day at university. If it wasn't for my grades and the hard work I did at college, I wouldn't have got into university so quickly at such a late stage. 

Overall, I'm glad I took the gap year. It was something I needed and although I feel like I got nothing done and I got myself into a rut, looking at this make me feel better knowing how much I achieved, especially with my fitness, travelling and blog. Being able to document my year through my blog has been the best part and I just hope to continue as I'm doing and document my next three years at university! Ideally, I'll also get back in to doing my YouTube videos! 

Here's to the future!

Good luck to those who will be officially starting their gap year now! 

All the best for the next year to everyone!

 - KC xx

Did you take a gap year? Are you planning on taking a gap year?

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