Hello! With Autumn already creeping up on us it's about time we start thinking about how we're going to stay comfy in our own h...

Keeping Cosy in Autumn


With Autumn already creeping up on us it's about time we start thinking about how we're going to stay comfy in our own homes despite the brisk, cold weather outside. I love Autumn. It's my favourite season. That said, the weather is always changing so it's very difficult to get a good nights sleep and we all now how important getting some proper sleep really is. If I wake up feeling like I've not slept, everyone else has to deal with how moody and anxious I can be. So it's definitely important for us to find ways to be prepared for the ever transitioning weather and then the chilly nights as Winter begins to approach.



The weather never changes immediately to it's best to simply begin by finding a blanket or throw to leave at the bottom of the bed. In Britain so far we've had nights where all the windows have been open and yet there's still no air and nights all wrapped up in dressing gowns and throws. It's difficult to keep changing duvets and covers to match the current weather so for the time being it's best to have that blanket ready for those nights when you need a little extra warmth. It can also be used on it's own when the duvet needs to be thrown off.

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Cotswold Stripe Fudge Throw - £19.99 (top left), Lush Mocha Throw - £6.99 (top right), Check Throw Red - £14.99 (bottom left), Mink Faux Fur Throw Chocolate - £15 (bottom left).
You can probably already see that I chose warmer colours in the blankets but it really does make a difference. On crisp nights you want to be feeling cosy and snug and the best way to do that is by introducing warmer colours in to your bedroom. Start by changing your duvet cover. The bed is the central part of any bedroom and therefore the main focal point so having a duvet cover with warmer neutral tones will instantly transition your room in to a cosy den for a peaceful sleep. Along with a duvet cover, curtains are also important for finishing touches. (Get economical & cheap curtains on Yorkshire Linen for a nice warm bedroom.)
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Felicity Amber Duvet Cover Set, Stag Natural Duvet Cover Set, Catherine Lansfield Kashmir Duvet Cover Set
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It may seem like a lot of hard work but adding some longer, thicker curtains in matching colours to your new bedding will help keep the cold air out whilst perfectly colour coordinating to making the room a perfect place to sleep. One of my favourite things about Autumn and Winter is that feeling of being all snuggled up in bed watching my favourite movie with some sweet and salty popcorn! Adding warm coloured fairy lights also makes all the difference!

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Faux Silk Latte Pencil Pleat Curtains matched with Kitley Esperesso Embellished Bedding

You'll already have a blanket or some throws by now so as the temperature begins to drop, save on the electricity bill by layering up. Duvets, throws, and even bedspread to keep as warm as you can as the windows begin to frost up.
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Arctic Stripe Oatmeal BedspreadGlamour Jacquard Bedspread


I love cushions in general but when it comes to Autumn I start thinking about all the sorts of Autumnal decorations I could add to my room to create a feeling of warmth. Straight away I'm drawn to the cushions and the variety of designs you can get. I currently have purple walls in my bedroom so I have a lot of matching stripey purple cushions. I keep buying them and I get a lot as presents too so now I really don't know where to put them all. Autumn means it's time to look for cushions with leaf designs or woodland animals, and of course the warmer colours. Oranges, browns, and burgundy are usually a great place to start.
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Stag Tapestry Cushion - £4.99, Coffee Bean Cushion - £3.99, Jumbo Cord Cushion - £3.99, Copper Pillow - £27, Knitted Brown Cushion - £27

Finally, put up some twinkling fairy lights and your room is ready. Simply fill a large mug with the hot drink of your choice (warm milk for me please!) and sit in bed ready indulge in a large box of chocolates whilst reading a book. That seriously sounds like heaven to me! I can't wait until I'm all settled in my new room! Adding a soft, fluffy dressing gown and thick, woolly socks to the mix will get you ready for winter too! Decorating your room with pine cones, cinnamon sticks and dried oranges will also help to create a cosy, Autumnal aroma!

Are you ready for a Autumn? It's just around the corner now! Time to start getting my Halloween decorations out! I mean it, I'm literally off to my attic to see what I've got!

More Autumn posts to come! (It's my favourite time of the year!)

- KC xx

How do you keep cosy in the Autumn? Will you be buying new bedding for the changing season?

* This is a collaborative post with The Yorkshire Linen Company but all opinions are my own!

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