Hellooooo It has been born. Lytham Sportfest that is. You may have already read about it in my introducing post and on the interv...

Lytham Sportfest 2016 - #iamteamgb

It has been born. Lytham Sportfest that is. You may have already read about it in my introducing post and on the interview day but last weekend marked the first ever Lytham Sportfest here in Leafy Lytham. And what a weekend it turned out to be.

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Founded by Mark Selby, and with the help of his wife Katie and many volunteers from within the sporting community, Lytham Sportfest aimed to bring together the people of Lytham to enjoy and take part in new sports. The local clubs were invited to show off what they offer and welcome new members.

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Pi/Yo class 
The day began with Sunset Yoga on the Green (promenade) before the fitness classes started at Park View 4U. Other activities, including archery, timed cycling trials, tricycling, 100m sprints, golf etc. were set up by local clubs allowing everyone of all ages to have a go at something new. Most of the activities were free with a few costing £2 at the most.

Timed cycling trials with British Cycling
Saturday had to be the best day of the weekend because we had an Olympian in our company! Kirsty Mackay was a part of the Gold medal winning Team GB hockey squad and after the recent success in Rio it was fantastic to meet someone who was so inspiring to all the kids. Even the adults were getting excited. It was literally like there was a celebrity in town! Mark Daniels from the Little Stage Company interviewed her on stage and we found out how she really is a local star, in fact her first hockey club was the Lytham St Annes Hockey club. She spoke about her previous injuries but ultimately how she pushed past it and was determined enough to do well in her sport, encouraging other to get involved in sport no matter how young or old. 

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Kirsty being interview by Mark
Kirsty wanted to get involved just like every one else so Mark showed her around and sooner rather than later, she was on the tracks showing off her BMX-ing skills. Ok, she didn't have many "skills" on the BMX as such, as it was her first time but you could see she was enjoying it and did pretty well for a first timer! She then moved on to try and beat the clock on the normal cycling track. She did very well on that. You could clearly see how competitive she was. A true athlete. Next up was the 100m sprint. It was interesting to hear that she didn't do many sprints like that and actually found it quite difficult despite the amount of training she does. That said, I think she did well enough to be the fastest female!

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Archery was the final activity and something completely new for Kirsty. Saxon Archers had set up a small training area and had the equipment for all ages, making it safe for the very little ones to have a go too. Everyone running it was so nice, I got talking to quite a few about the sort of training and courses you can do. It's really made me consider getting my beginners course under my belt in case I feel like joining a club one day myself. I was given a few tries myself and I hit the board each time, even managed to get the gold once. It's been a long time since I had a go though but it reminded me of how much I used to enjoy it!

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Whilst most of the event that went on during the weekend were held at Park View 4U, you could also go to the gym for free at the YMCA and also take part in alternative events being held at Lytham Hall. 9am every Saturday is of course Parkrun. However, this Saturday was an extra special Parkrun as special guest Max Eaves (British pole vaulter) and Helen Clitheroe (2 time Olympic runner) ran alongside all the runners. I wish I could have been there but I was caught up at Park View. There was just so much going on, you couldn't make it to every activity. Parkrun is on every Saturday though so if you fancy giving it a go, register online to get you barcode! The barcode allows you to get timed each week helping you to keep a record and possibly improve on you PB. I actually have my own barcode on it's way as I plan on joining the Hull parkrun when I move!

The activities didn't stop at Lytham Hall once Parkrun had finished. There was still lots more to get involved in, including an orienteering session around the park and Nordic walking. The Nordic walking also took people around town too!

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Zumba on Day 2
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Roller Derby Demonstrations every hour between 12pm and 4pm on Saturday!
The weekend proved to be a big success with the weather holding out over both days. We all keep saying that it's time to get ready for next year but there is now things for the organisers to look over to see what went well and what could be improved. I would suggest that there be some more indoor events, perhaps at the local YMCA or maybe even in a large tent, mainly just in case it rains but luckily we didn't have much of a problem with that. All the activities were great! I was amazed at the amount of participants in all of them! And the best part about it was that people of all ages came down and got involved, including the grandparents. It was a fantastic family event!

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Tricycles! Max (above) made it into the Newspaper so I thought I'd give him a little bit more press! Max, you're famous!
Since I was volunteer myself and I got involved right from the start, I would like to give a big thank you to everyone at Lytham Sportfest who allowing me to come along and take photos over the weekend. What a great thing I can now put down on my CV! I also took over the Lytham Sportfest Twitter page so I could tweet out live updates so thank you for trusting me with it!

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Lytham Sportfest founder, Mark Selby, on the left, me in the middle and Kirsty MAckay on the right!
I'd also like to say a big thank you to all the volunteers, local clubs and supports of the event and I hope that you have all had a fantastic time and managed to gain lots of interest in what you do! Lytham Road Runners, Fylde YMCA, Green Drive Golf Club, Lytham Golf Academy, Saxon Archers, Gold Coast BMX, Blackpool Roller Derby, Clive Barley, and Mark Daniels from the Little Stage Company, just to name a few. Not to mention all the foodies who came along to offer every a variety of choices for lunch. And a massive thank you to Park View 4U and Lytham Hall for hosting the event!

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I hope to see Lytham Sportfest back for 2017!

See you all there!

- KC xx

Did you get involved in anything for #iamteamgb? What sort of sports would you like to try out?

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