Hi! I have two more days left then I'm off. I really cannot believe it's all come around so fast. If you've been keeping up...

My Thoughts On: THE BIG MOVE


I have two more days left then I'm off. I really cannot believe it's all come around so fast. If you've been keeping up to date with my posts (follow my Bloglovin' for updates) and following my social media, you'll have probably seen my countdown until my moving day! Saturday 17th September, this Saturday, I move into my new house! I then start university on the September 26th! Considering I must've applied about 5 weeks ago, these past few weeks have gone so fast. I've now finished work and had most of my week off, and I'm nearly ready to go.

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My Thoughts On: THE BIG MOVE

If you didn't know, I'm moving to Hull to go to university and study Drama and Theatre Practice. I applied late through UCAS Extra because originally I had no idea what I wanted to do and I didn't really think I wanted to go to university. After a lot of thought I finally applied and got an unconditional offer within three days. If you want to read more about it, check out my Life Changing Decisions post!

Now it's all nearly here and quite frankly, I'm very excited! I finished college over a year ago and although I definitely needed a break from education after I worked my ass off at college, I got myself in a bit of a rut. I applied for jobs earlier on this year, got offered a few but didn't fancy finding my self stuck in retail yet again. Plus, the job I had offered more money for less hours, and it was closer to home. I then decided I did want to go to university so I applied to 8 drama schools but after two auditions I wasn't feeling it and gave up. I got myself into a lot of depression that I've struggled to get out of. More recently, I was spending a lot of time with Ed discussing my future and everything I wanted to do and finally decided going to University of Hull ticked all the boxes for me at this point in my life. After a year out, I feel a lot more open to careers and things I would like to do, whereas before I was adamant I wanted to become an actor in the theatrical industry.

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I'm excited because I am extremely ready for a new start. Living in Lytham has been the perfect place to grow up but now I need to go somewhere bigger. I've always loved travelling so being able to go somewhere new and unexplored is perfect for me. I will be in Hull to learn and study, but I'm also in a new part of the country with my car so on days off I can go out on road trips and see what the North East holds. Although Ed has already spent a year there, he barely go out of campus so it will be nice for us to explore together!

I will be living in a student house, sharing with 4 other people. So far I have found 2 of those people and they seem really nice and I've been getting along well with them. I have also got to know quite a few people doing the same course and I can't wait to meet everyone and make some real friends. Over the years, I seem to have made some amazing friendships, I've had their back and for the most they've had mine. But all these friendships seem to have fallen apart and I haven't seen anyone in a very long time, despite my best efforts. They say uni is the place you'll find friends that last forever, and I'm really hoping so! If not, I still have Ed and my studying, which is what got me through high school and college!

What I'm looking forward to:

- Making new friends
- Learning about something I love
- Having something education to focus on (I actually like studying)
- Having my independence
- Decorating my uni room
- Experimenting with cooking
- Joining societies and sports clubs
- Writing plays and being in plays
- Exploring the city and local areas

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I plan on joining the hockey team and dance squad and maybe even trying out other sports. I have also got my Parkrun barcodes so I will be heading down to the local park for a 5K run on Saturday mornings (maybe not every Saturday but I'll try). I want to properly get into a fitness routine and luckily I now have a gym buddy which is a first, so hopefully we can motivate each other! There will be all sorts of new places to go for runs and hopefully there will be running events I can take part in!

There's so much I'm looking forward to and I'm sure I will keep you all updated on the latest goings on via my Uni page. Of course I shall really miss my Mum, Dad, and Tequi (my cat) but it will be nice to have a fresh start somewhere new, which I believe is exactly what I need right now. Let's just hope I can get all my boxes and suitcases in the car! Luckily, I'm following my Dad down so we shall have two car to load but I'm still a little worried I won't have enough space. We'll see!

Here's to the future and everything that it brings!

- KC xx

Did you choose to go to university? If you did, what was it like when you went? 

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