Hey! Last month was incredibly busy for the people of the Fylde coast. If next year is anything like this year then I'm sure they s...



Last month was incredibly busy for the people of the Fylde coast. If next year is anything like this year then I'm sure they should be renaming August as "festival month" or something similar. It began with the Kite festival in St Annes, then it was Lytham Festival, the 40s Weekend, and then Lytham Sportfest finished it all off! It was a fantastic month and there really was something for everyone! What a way to put Lytham and the Fylde Coast on the map!

Today marks one month since the final night of Lytham Festival so I thought that it was about time I did a little round up post about the whole event. I have already wrote about The Shires, who were supported by Robbie Cavannagh, so I won't go into too much detail about them but I did also get to go to other nights for free which was fantastic!

The Shires - Monday 1st August

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I went to see The Shires with my Mum as I was able to get two free tickets for the event. Neither of us really knew what to expect as I had never heard of the band and my Mum had only seen them once on Sunday Brunch, a long time ago. Sometimes, those are the best kind of events, when you never really know what's going to happen. They were supported by an amazing relatively-local band/singer, Robbie Cavannagh. You can read more about it here!

Lawson - Friday 5th August

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Lawson are a very popular British band who have been in the charts quite a few times and when I found out that they were coming to play in Lytham as part of the festival, I was very excited. I knew that if I did manage to get tickets, they were the main band I wanted to see, and of course, we did get tickets. This time I took Ed who wasn't quite looking forward to it as much as I was. Although we have a very similar taste in music, I don't think he was quite so sure if he was a fan of Lawson or not. Either way, I still dragged him to the concert with me and luckily, the band themselves proved him wrong. We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

A local group called Hair supported them and showed real promising talent. They didn't quite managed to convince me to buy their album like Robbie Cavannagh did though (I haven't bought it yet but I definitely will be doing). They were a great match to the age range and musical style to Lawson so it was all a good start to the night. When Lawson finally took the stage, the audience went wild. Unfortunately there wasn't quite as many people in the audience as I would've hoped for them (there was another big concert - 80 v 90s night - on the main Proms stage). They still managed to put on a fantastic performance. A week later, I found myself buying their album in That's Entertainment. It's now one of my most listened to albums that I have in my car, alongside VHS by X Ambassadors and Foreigner's Greatest Hits!

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Other Nights

Wednesday night was the screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I have never considered myself to be a Star Wars fan, especially since I have never seen any of the movies, but I went along anyway to experience what was supposed to be the largest beach front screening nationally. I met up with some friends from the theatre group and we all sat down with our snacks really to watch it. Considering gates opened at 6pm, the movie didn't actually start until nearly half 8 and in that time, the wind had begun to pick up. Sooner rather than later, the rain started too! About a quarter of the way into the movie, an onscreen notice came up announcing the cancellation of the film due to high winds and the possibility of the audience and staff getting hurt, so due to health and safety reasons, we packed up and headed off home. Luckily for me, one of my friends had just moved into a new house and it on DVD so at least we got to finish it, and in the comfort of a home.

Saturday night saw the Bryan Adams on the main Proms Arena stage. It was Saturday the 6th, the day I did the Adrenaline Rush so myself and Edmond were both exhausted. Too exhausted to spend the night stood up at a concert like we already had done the night before. When we got home from Manchester and had a quick shower and some tea, we packed some snacks and drinks in a cool bag and headed off to the Green (Lytham's promenade). We found a nice little patch to set up our chairs and got wrapped up in blankets before the temperature dropped. I had just received the new Harry Potter book so I took that with me. It was such a lovely night to sit and relax, watch the sun set, eat some food, read a book, and best of all listen to the amazing Bryan Adams. We couldn't see much but it sounded great!

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A month ago today was the Last Night at the Proms, and this years theme was the West End. I think it was possibly the most anticipated Proms night we've had in years and the entire arena area was literally jam packed. Everyone had their picnic blankets set out and chairs and tables at the ready. I went went Denize Ashton, from Lytham Life and Style, and her family and friends. The British flag was everywhere. You could find it in scarf form, on dresses, suits, hats, you name it. It was amazing to see how everyone goes all out for an event like this. The sun was shining and sunglasses were out. Before we knew it, the show had started. Radio hosts from BBC Radio Lancashire were comparing and the show began with a musical medley from a fabulous comedy duo who were incredibly talented (I forgotten their names though, oh dear)! And then one by one different West End stars came and sang a song or two.

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One of my favourite parts was being able to see one of my idles perform live, right infront of me. Since the first moment I saw Jodie Prenger on the TV auditioning for the role of Nancy, I was truly inspired. She was born and brought up in Blackpool similarly to me but she has gone on to be an incredibly successful West End star. I remember audibly saying "wow" sat in awe watching and listening to every breathtaking note. She literally puts on a performance no matter where she is or what type of song she's doing.

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Unfortunately, I didn't get to see much more of her because, much like the Star Wars night, the wind picked up and the rain began and the night got cancelled. They tried to do all they could by pausing the show to try fix some technical difficulties but there wasn't much more they could do when the wind began blowing chairs away. It was getting very dangerous but like a proper British person, we tried to stick it out as long as we could. Eventually it was officially cancelled and everyone made their escape. We did get to see some of the acts and every single one of them, including Collabro, Lucie-Mae Summer, Ruthie Henshall, Lea Salonga (who had unfortunately flown in from America for the show), and many more. On the way down to the stage I heard them rehearsing and they were rehearsing one of my all-time favourite musical theatre songs, One Day More from Les Miserable. I was almost crying just walking there so I was gutted when I didn't get to see it properly performed.

Hopefully next year they'll choose to do a West End Proms night again because I'd absolutely love to see the full thing! And who doesn't love a show you can sing along to?! Hopefully the weather is also a lot nicer too. We've had rain on that week before but never had wind as ferocious as it was this year. It's the first time they've ever had to cancel anything.

People are already running polls to see who you think will be the main act next year. Coldplay and Bastille are among the top two.

We'll just have to wait and see!

Until then,
- KC xx

Who would you like to see at Lytham Festival 2017? Would you find a way to get to Lytham if your favourite band/singer are on?

*I was able to see all events for free due to my guest posts on the Lytham Life and Style blog about the event. In return I have done a few posts and reviews of the events out of my own courtesy so all opinions are my own.

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