Good Afternoon! As if I hadn't mentioned enough already, Lytham definitely had a busy month last month. So busy I didn't have t...

One Month since Lytham's Wartime Festival

Good Afternoon!

As if I hadn't mentioned enough already, Lytham definitely had a busy month last month. So busy I didn't have the chance to write about everything. Here I am today rounding things up with the final event that went on. Firstly let's recall all of the events:

- Lytham Festival (The Shires / One Month on)
- Lytham's Wartime Festival

Every year on the second weekend of August a large bunch of Wartime specialists and enthusiasts descend on Lytham's front (the Green). They sent up their camouflage tents and get ready for the weekend to start. (I'm not sure where all of them sleep, some have caravans and I would guess the rest check in to a hotel.) Most of the shops and cafes around the town centre tape a large cross in their window and the British flags are flying high. It really creates a fantastic atmosphere throughout the town, especially when you start to see the locals an visitors arriving all dressed up in their 40s attire. I work on Saturday (worked) so I was unable to see a lot of what was going on, on that day. I still caught a glimpse at the military vehicles and classic car parade at 12 O'clock.

On Sunday, it was my turn to go down on the front and see everything that was going on.

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Although the sun wasn't quite shining and the rain did begin a little later on, the weather held out for me to wander around and see everything that was going on. At 12 O'clock on both days there was the parade and then at 1pm there was a talk about all the weaponry before a battle between the British and Germans at 3pm. I couldn't quite stay around for that long before I have seen it in previous years and it great to see, especially if it's your first time visiting.

All the tents set up had various 40s gear inside, everything from household items and first aid to machine guns and mechanics. It's quite fascinating to see and with everyone around dressed up, it's like you've gone back in time, just without the threat of a bomb landing near or on you.

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All the local charities were out in force with the shops displaying everything vintage and there was even a man dressed in poppies (he literally was wearing at least a 100 paper poppies) trying to collect money for the Royal British Legion. The Red Cross were there trying to gt volunteers whilst manning the event, and the Red Arrows and BAE were taking donations and selling memorabilia. I got a Red Arrow pin badge! Other stalls were set up selling all kinds of vintage items, including sports rackets, clothing and accessories, games, newspapers, etc. I got myself two vintage style postcards to put up on my wall at uni, along with my Liverpool vintage postcards I got last year. If you get bored of shoppinga nd walking around stalls, there's a larger tent set up selling afternoon tea, vintage style of course, and a small dance floor where you can watch a vintage cat walk whilst listening to some of the best 40s singers around!

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classic car, wartime, vintage, holiday, lytham, 1940s, 40s

For budding photographers out there, like me, the Wartime festival is such a great place to visit to get some experimental shots of all the classic cars and motorcycles around. I've had my DSLR camera for just under half a year now and I'm always still learning new tricks and and new angles for all sorts of photos. I'm fortunate that there are a lot of places around me that a so photogenic! These classic cars were great to take photos of, I felt like a professional photographer! (None of these photos are edited by the way.)

motorcycle, classic, vintage, holiday, travel. lytham, wartime, 40s, 1940s

cycle, motorcycle, vintage, 40s, 1940s, military, holiday, travel, lytham, ww2

Whether or not some of the vehicles were replicas, which they probably were, the detail was astonishing. For history lovers and vintage buffs, the wartime festival is a perfect day out or weekend out. Only thing I would suggest now is that there is more going on in the town centre and seen as it is actually the same every year, maybe they could add a different decade to it now as well. Perhaps, as you walk along the Green, you could travel through time into the different decades! Either way, it's still a great event that happens every year!

Although no official date has been set, next year the weekend will very likely be the 12th and 13th August. Hope to see you there!

- Kira C

Is there anything similar near you? Do you love the vintage style?

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