Hey everyone! Today we have a post written by my one and only boyfriend, Edmond! He often goes travelling with his Mum and has been to ...

Pembrokeshire, South Wales

Hey everyone!

Today we have a post written by my one and only boyfriend, Edmond! He often goes travelling with his Mum and has been to all sorts of places I've never been to so in the spirit of Travel Tuesday, I managed to get him to do a post for me about his most recent trip to South Wales. (It took a lot of begging and reminding!)

I haven't been to South Wales in such a long time, and even then I've only been once so when he kept sending my the photos he'd took. I desperately wanted to go back to see some of the sights!



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Pembrokeshire: one of Wales' easier place names to pronounce, if not easiest to get to (from where I live anyway). I used to go there as a kid during the summer holidays with my parents. It's a beautiful place, and as someone who was obsessed with insects as a kid, it was ideal. We stayed in a barn-turned-cottage sort of place, overlooking overgrown grasslands. One memory I have of back then was being so excited just to hear some grasshoppers (weird I know right). Maybe it was because that was the only place I could find them!  The last time we visited there was in 2009 when my parents got married, that time going with several members of my family as well. After that, various other holidays came and went. We said we'd go back to Wales but trying to find the time and money, balanced with mine and my parents ambitions to travel to new places, meant that we failed to return after 2009. Sadly my dad passed away earlier this year, meaning that he was never able to return to this magical place we had so often visited during the early years of my life. It was with this that my mum and I decided to return, in memory I suppose, of those years together.
This time we went for a week and went to some amazing places, most of which I hadn't been to previously. We stayed in a little cottage overlooking the seaside town of Broadhaven - a pretty little rural town not far from St. David's.  The cottage itself was basically a small bungalow and faced west so we were witness to some gorgeous sunsets on a couple of nights.

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Some of the places we visited included St. David's, Fishguard and Little Haven. Each of these lie very close to each other and yet each have very different smells sights and attractions. On one hot and sunny evening we even went to see a production of Shakespeare's  play The Comedy of Errors in a ruinous castle.  This proved to be one of the most amazing sets I have ever seen a play performed in and it was a superb use of a "natural" set.

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We also visited Skomer Island. This is known worldwide for being a haven for adorable Puffins during the spring and early summer. Regrettably, there were none to see when I went with my mum but it was still a beautiful place; vastly untouched by humans, remote and quiet (apart from the thousands of gulls). It was so quiet that as a small "parliament" (fancy word for a group/ flock) of ravens flew over us, we could hear the air passing through their wings with each flap they made. It sounded more like someone taking very deep breaths somewhere off in the distance!

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Overall, the holiday was brilliant and I really recommend visiting some of the places I talked about. The weather was awesome most of the time so I hope if any of you guys go it's as kind to you as it was to us.

 - Edmond


Ed always takes fantastic photos, and these are only a few of what he took! Amongst all the other things I'm currently doing, I have slowly been creating him a website portfolio to showcase his photographs and give them the recognition he needs! Coming Soon! I'm sure I'll tell you when!

See you next Travel Tuesday!
- KC xx

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