Hey! Whilst I was in Mexico earlier this year, I wrote a post about all the things I wanted to do during Summer . That was all before I...

Summer Bucket List Review


Whilst I was in Mexico earlier this year, I wrote a post about all the things I wanted to do during Summer. That was all before I decided to go to uni. When I made the decision to go, all my plans had to change stopping me from getting much done. That said, looking at the list, I think I did a good job at getting started. 

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- Go for long walks in the countryside - Myself and Edmond managed to get out quite a bit to go for walks, mainly in parks, but it was lovely when the weather was nice!

- Catch up on my tbr pile to help me in my reading challenge - I didn't quite catch up (I did choose a 700 and something paged book) but it did make a start. Who knows, why I'm at uni I might all of a sudden starting reading much more! I hope so!

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- Go running outdoors - Yes! Yes, I did it! I'm quite proud of myself regarding this one. If you've been following my Fitness Updates then you'll know I joined a 6 week running club. The idea was to gradully increase the distance in which you ran as a group to eventually get to 5K but we were already at 5K by week 3 so it turned into a group 5K run each week. I enjoyed it and it really has got me out running more. I intend to continue this at uni (as you'll know from week 4).

- Spend a couple of days at the caravan - I didn't quite manage this one as I only had one week where my work schedule gave me three consecutive days off and that was the week I decided to go to uni, so all got a little hectic from then on.

- Go trekking/hiking in the Lake District - Kind of. We did drive to the Lakes and go for a lovely walk in and around Grange-Over-Sands.

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 - Host a bbq with some friends - Again, kind of. I did host a few movie nights with friends but the weather was a bit hit and miss for a BBQ. I was lucky enough to go to one though!

- Get some work experience/new job - No need. I'm now at university!

- Post photos on my Instagram regularly to show what I'm up to - Check out my instagram to see what I got up to! I thought I did pretty well with regular posting!

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- Go on days out to at least 3 new places within driving distance - Grange-Over-Sands, Astley Hall, Lancaster's Williamson Park

- Try out at least 5 new recipes - Is it bad that I honestly can't remember? I did make some beef gravy from scratch when we didn't have any juices from the meat or any gravy granules!

- Write some more of my story that I begun writing - I had a look over it but didn't feel inspired at the time. I did however, look at some more research for a play that I want to write!

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- Hire a beach hut with some friends and spend a day by the seaside - I would've loved to but it was a little too expensive.

- Be a tourist in Blackpool (visit the tower, sea life centre, Madame Tussaud's, etc.) - I went to Stanley Park and went shopping but that was about it.

- Go to Go Ape in Rivington - Again, too much money!

- Go canoeing - I wish! Maybe I'll get to go sometime soon.

Not quite as successful as I'd hoped originally but, like I said, I didn't know I'd be at uni now! I worked quite a lot this year and especially over summer on random days which made it difficult to plan things and then have them fit in with everyone else's plans. Hopefully I'll get to do some of the other things at another time or maybe they'll be on my Summer 2017 list of things to do!

Here's to the rest of the year and then onto next summer!

- KC xx

What did you do this Summer? Were there things that you didn't manage to do but you wish you had done?

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