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Tips for Renovating Your Home


Despite having a lot going on in my life at the moment, since I am moving in two weeks, I decided to take it upon myself to post everyday in September. It has already proved itself to be hard work when I write all my own posts. Thankfully I have a couple of guest posts coming up thanks to some wonderful readers! 

Today we have Mary, who has chosen to do a post all about home renovations and adding value to living. It is very interesting since I am moving out myself soon. However, I'm moving into student housing for university but I have all this to look forward to in the future. As soon as I finish uni, I know getting my own property will be on the list and knowing me, I will want to redecorate straight away! It's also interesting because my parents are both landlords and property developers, so home renovations is what I've grown up with!

Here is Mary's post:

Home Renovations – Adding Value to Living!

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"Home is where the heart is" holds true in every respect of home improvement and renovation. Modern times necessitate a home that is comfortable, luxurious and full of amenities. It is not difficult acquiring a home but, it is definitely difficult maintaining it. Over a period of time, the repairs increase and replacement costs arise. This is where you begin to realize that maybe it’s time to renovate and bring in newer ideas. There are lot of things that are to be factored in while thinking of a home renovation. The top things being budget constraints and the time factor or the deadline within which you aim to complete the renovations. You may employ a contractor or do the job yourself. The decisions is yours. However, there are some things to be kept in mind while going for a home renovation and these are as follows: 

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- Don’t delay the decisions – make every single decision before the work starts. Decisions need to be taken as to when to start, and from which area to start the renovations. Most of the decisions that result in delays pertain to small ones such as paint, trim, faucet sections etc... These things appear to be minor details but if these aren’t acquired in time, they may balloon into something really big. This delay can cost you lot of money and can further delay completion of the home renovation project.

- Don’t be indecisive – it is important to make up your mind about home renovations first and then taken the plunge. At the same time, it is prudent to be firm about something that you feel is the right decision and not keep wavering away from the same. Being indecisive will cost you time and more and more money will be wasted   in making simple and complex decisions alike. 

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 - Don’t purchase your own materials – A builder may seem like passing off his prices on you, but it is a reality that he is entitled to better rates due to bulk purchases from the wholesalers. As a result, you will get things at a better rate than if you venture out to the market on your own and try to buy raw materials for your home renovation.

- Contingency funds are essential -  Nothing goes to plan perfectly. There will always be a glitch and you have to be prepared for it. This will save you of the anxiety of paying the laborers and continuing with the home renovations. It is okay to plan budgets and mark up a ball park figure for your home renovations. However, reality rarely meets expectations and as such the costs may be higher than you had anticipated. In order to meet up with the high costs you need to set aside a fund that will take care of the differential money. This will ensure continuity of work and will spare you some anxiety issues.

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It is better to search for alternative accommodation while the work is still happening at your place. Messy work surroundings are not a good place to come back to after a tired day at work. It is a much more feasible and a healthier option to move out of the premises while the work is still going on and then move back in once the home has been done with renovations.

An immaculate design should be kept in hand before beginning work on the home renovations. Anything done without a concrete plan is going to result in failure and home renovations are no exception to this rule.


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Hopefully, with these tips in mind, you'll be prepared and have a freshly renovated house in no time, thanks to Mary!

Thank you for guest posting Mary!

- KC xx

Are you planning to renovate your house anytime soon? Do you have any other tips?

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