Hey! If you've been following my fitness journey then you'll have heard me talk about various apps that I keep on using. I'...

Top Free Fitness Apps


If you've been following my fitness journey then you'll have heard me talk about various apps that I keep on using. I've been loving them so much that I wanted to share them with you in hopes that they may motivate you as they do me. Over the past couple of years I have tried out many fitness and workout apps but none have managed to motivate me like these do. There is only three but they are the only three that I haven't got bored of and deleted!

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Firstly, Sworkit. Sworkit is a workout app that creates various workouts that you can do at home easily without an equipment. Of course it's up to you if you want to add in dumbbells or a medicine ball but it's not necessary. You can choose to do a quick 5 minute works out to fit it to your busy lifestyle or you can choose various activities in the Strength, Cardio, Yoga and Stretching categories. I tend to do some warm up stretching then begin a cardio or strength session and cool down with yoga. If you don't know what to do yourself, you can choose one of the pre-made workouts. 

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You can upgrade and a pay a monthly fee (about £3.99) for more exercises and workout plans but I find using the free version is enough, you're already getting a lot. If you choose to make up your own workout, it allows to you to pick a duration. Once you know what the exercises are, you don't even have to look at your phone because the automated voice will tell you how long you have left and when to change sides and have a break. The cardio workouts are based on HIIT routines making them incredibly good for burning as many calories as possible in a short amount of time. There is a motivating medal system where you get a bronze, silver or gold medal depending on the duration of you workout. All calories and durations are logged so at the end of the week you can see how well you've done! Finally, you can also set yourself a daily alarm notification telling you to 'Swork Out'!


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I feel so disappointed that I haven't had chance to go out for a run yet this week. I've done a lot of walking though, but that's mostly tracked on my LifeFitness app.
Runkeeper is the perfect app for runners who don't have a GPS/fitness watch, like me. I'd love to get one but I know how expensive they are and at the moment I have university to worry about. Runkeeper allows me to track exactly where I go on my run (so I can do the same route again another time) and how far. Each run is compared to previous runs so you can easily see how much you've improved instantly motivating you to try and do better again next time. It's easy to select music from Spotify so you can choose the best running playlist you know of! 

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I find it to be the best app for creating goals and keeping motivated. On a run it will tell you when you've reached a milestone and when you've completed the run all you have to do is go onto the friends tab and scroll through the feed and little banners have be made to celebrate you success. Every month you can enter into the Runkeeper 5 or 10k challenge where all you have to do is complete that distance in one run and you're awarded with a different prize each month. It's usually discount of popular sporting brands. This month the prize is a heavily discounted shirt for Runkeeper's own RunPack! The app allows you to add other friends that use the app so you can then create running groups to help motivate each other and set group goals. I really need to go out running some more so I can get full use of this app!


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I originally downloaded the LifeFitness app after my first visit to my newly refurbished gym. The YMCA had always used LifeFitness machines but the updated machines now available all have a QR code on them. On cardio machines, the QR code allows you to save the data to record what you have accomplished and on the resistance machines, it's there to record the type of machine and your seating position, making it easier to set up next time you go. You can also then manually add in the duration of exercise and number of sets, reps, and kg/lbs. I always used to try keep a log of everything I did at the gym but now this app does it all for me! It calculate how many calories I have burned from each exercise and then at the end of the week I will hopefully have passed my weekly goal! 

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If your gym doesn't have the up to date equipment (I know my Uni gym uses LifeFitness but I don't know if it's up to date) or if they don't use LifeFitness equipment at all, don't worry because there is still so much you can do on the app. There is a manual log section which makes logging your workouts at least 10 times easier than writing it in a notepad or on your phone's notes. There is also a GPS tracker that can record walks, runs and cycling whereas Runkeeper is more for just runs. This LifeFitness app is great for collating all those calories you've burned and then at the end of the week or month you can see overall results and compared it to the previous week or month. You can set yourself a weekly goal and try to improve each week by increasing the goal set by a certain percentage each week! It's good way to gradually improve your fitness!

Those are my top 3 fitness apps. Those are the only three I have at the moment too because I don't feel like I need any others when I have these. I definitely recommend getting all three if you want to get motivated and become fitter! Of course, they are all free but you can also make in-app purchase to gain extra workouts and personalised training plans. Either way I don't think any purchase need to be made and each of the apps have a lot to offer already!

You can see how well I've been doing every Saturday when I publish a fitness update. I must say though, I don't think I will have done that well this week as I've been incredibly busy and found it difficult to get motivated to fit in a bit of exercise. We shall see.

Until then,
- KC xx

Do you have any favourite workout apps? What helps to keep you motivated? 

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